Student inspires future Bobcats to get involved in the countless opportunities at Quinnipiac

Christina Stoeffler ’24, MA ’25, wears many hats at Quinnipiac. From guiding first-year students to performing on stage, she has made a profound impact on and off campus.

Since the moment she joined the Bobcat community, Stoeffler said that she knew that she wanted to dive in and get involved. She served as an orientation leader for two years and then became the student programming coordinator for the program this past year.

“Orientation has had one of the most remarkable impacts on me as a person,” said Stoeffler. “The growth that is achievable in that role is incredible.”

Along with transitioning excited first-years, she worked as a peer catalyst (PC) for multiple courses and then got hired to be a peer catalyst mentor for the Learning Commons this academic year. She now provides support and advice to current peer catalysts in this position. For 11 semesters, including summer and winter, she has actively worked as a student ambassador for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, too.

In the area of arts, she currently serves as the president of Fourth Wall, a student-run theater organization on campus, after her two-year tenure as a publicity coordinator. She also graces the stage as a member of the Comic Sans improv troupe for her entire college career so far. Stoeffler was the cultures and conversations chair for the Student Programming Board in her third year, as well.

“My favorite part about serving on campus creating a welcoming environment for all students,” said Stoeffler. “I work with first-year students a lot, so I know that the transition period to Quinnipiac can be very stressful and daunting. It is so important to me that students can have a friendly face on campus and I would be honored to be that person.”

Diving into student involvement was a must for this Bobcat, as she couldn’t just choose one organization to be a part of. So, she chose them all.

“I always say that one of the biggest reasons why I chose Quinnipiac as a prospective student was because of how involved students can get on campus,” said Stoeffler. “We have more than 140 clubs and organizations, but if none of them tickle your fancy you can make your own with just a few friends! There is no shortage of opportunities to make your mark on campus. As scary as it may seem, just go for it. You never know what opportunities may arise from trying new things!”

As she enters her graduate year as a cinematic production management student, her influence on Quinnipiac continues to shine through her dedication and passion for engagement on campus.

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