Student urges constituents to get involved through variety of community events

August 02, 2021

Student sitting at desk working at the mayor's office

Ohidiani Imevbore ‘22 is working for the mayor’s office in the economic development and planning and zoning department for the town of Hamden this summer through the Presidential Public Service Fellowship program at Quinnipiac University.

Imevbore is looking forward to continuing to learn about the inner workings of municipal government and how the economic development department plans to shape the town and its brand.

“As a political science major, you do a lot of research, reading, writing, analysis and evaluating,” she said. “These are some of the skills I have been able to hone at Quinnipiac that have prepared me to do just that in the roles I am in right now.”

After graduation, Imevbore’s goals are to pursue an MBA and then to gain some work experience in the field of consultancy or advising. She is looking for a career that allows her to merge her business and political science background. She is also looking to attend law school.

“I find that being able to strategically and realistically think about the short and long term impacts of your actions on citizens is so important as this means you are not just searching for instant gratification of the people but you are also looking to provide the people with a good life in the future,” she said.

This fellowship has opened Imevbore’s eyes to how important local government truly is. She is impressed with how easily the public can call up the mayor’s office or the planning and zoning department to air their grievances with such ease. 

“Local governments are community builders, culture creators, and problem solvers,” she said. “The mayor’s office deals with a lot more than I expected and the economic development department not only works with the demographics but they focus on sustainability, which is a huge part of the global policy discussion today,” she said.

Imevbore urges the public to get involved in their local communities and local government, whether it be resident feedback, attending farmers markets, or being actively involved with what will help shape the community they live in.

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