Your Experience

International business is a vast field with numerous opportunities. Whether you envision yourself as the international sales manager at a U.S. technology company, managing the global supply chain for a major defense contractor or perhaps working within an embassy’s commercial section to promote trade and investment, you’ll benefit from the rigorous preparation our program provides. We will teach you to work effectively with diverse populations while building a strong foundation in international finance and marketing, global supply chains, and international management strategy, along with a knowledge of international data sources.

Our graduates move on to careers in a range of fields including global supply chain management, market research, business development, financial analysis, business consulting and many others.

As an IB major, you will have the opportunity to complete a full semester and/or short-term (1-3 weeks) study abroad program. This experience will help you develop cultural sensitivity and better understand the history, politics, business practices and culture of a specific region. Many students complete an internship while studying abroad in such countries as Italy, Argentina, China, Poland and Japan. In addition, IB majors also can choose to complete a state of Connecticut Global Supply Chain Certificate and the Global Business Affairs Polish Certificate.

Collaboration with local businesses and major firms in neighboring New York City lets you apply your knowledge in a real-world setting. Internships with companies such as Aetna, Johnson & Johnson, Deloitte, Sikorsky and Perrier provide further experience and opportunities to network.