Alumna named inaugural general manager of Boston Professional Women’s Hockey League team

As athletes prepare to get back out on the ice for a new thrilling season, Danielle Marmer ’17, MS ’21, was declared the inaugural general manager in the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL).

Marmer started her career at Quinnipiac as a forward for the women’s ice hockey team and went on to be the first woman to have an on-ice role for the Boston Bruins as the player development and scouting assistant. Everything for her turned full circle as she will now lead the new team assembly of women in Boston.

Although hesitant to leave the Bruins, she shared words of inspiration with the Class of 2026 last year at the new-student welcome that explained why she decided to pursue the opportunity.

“It occurred to me that the extraordinary opportunity to leave a significant mark in the realm of women's professional hockey would remain locked off to me unless I took the initiative to open it,” she said. “Consequently, I decided to go for the interview. In retrospect, I reaffirm the advice I offered to my fellow Bobcats a year ago: Embrace new opportunities with a resounding ‘yes’ whenever possible, for you never truly know where they might lead you.”

Her time at Quinnipiac as a member of the women’s hockey staff and as a player not only taught her how to lead a team, but also how to build a team environment where everyone could thrive, she said.

“The foothills of Sleeping Giant and the peak of York Hill are where I underwent the most personal growth,” Marmer said. “It's where I battled adversity and discovered my ability to overcome challenges. It's where I learned that to elevate yourself, you must first elevate those around you. It's where I found a community and a family that will always feel like home.”

Her new role will allow her to create and build a team environment where players can feel supported and uplifted. Marmer wants to create a winning culture for the women entering the PWHL, she said.

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