Alumnus inducted into Wells Fargo Inventor Hall of Fame

January 22, 2024

Photo of Frank DiGangi speaking at a conference

Alumnus dreams become patented schemes. Frank DiGangi ’03 recounts his journey from graduation to his groundbreaking career in innovation.

For as long as he can remember, DiGangi has always dreamed of diving into the world of innovation.

“I can’t quite explain it but for some reason, I had always wanted my name on a patent,” said DiGangi. “Even as a kid, I can remember that being a goal of mine.”

Now leading Wells Fargo’s ATM Performance team, DiGangi has the opportunity to leverage his creativity with his passion for the recycling and movement of currency, earning several patents in the ATM transaction and servicing space.

“Some of my favorite patents are related to enhancing the way we service transactions for our customers and working to make it easier for them to interact with us,” he said. “This helps drive customer retention and experience.”

Earning his name on 25 or more patent applications, DiGangi describes the honor of being inducted into the Wells Fargo Inventor Hall of Fame.

“It’s really been an amazing journey and I’m incredibly proud to be inducted into the Wells Fargo Inventor Hall of Fame!” said DiGangi. “Wells Fargo has an incredible innovation program and I’m so thankful for the amount of support that they provide to people like me who have a passion for innovation and invention.”

As an esteemed professional in his field, DiGangi recounts the moment he discovered his passion for inventing and his drive to create new things.

“When I started my work career after graduating from Quinnipiac, I realized that I have a bit of a knack for questioning the status quo,” he said. “This type of thinking can be daunting, especially in an existing work environment that you’re stepping into, but it is so crucial to drive innovation and advance the roadmap of the company you work for.”

Looking back on his success, DiGangi reflects on his educational experience at Quinnipiac which laid the foundation for his career.

“Quinnipiac was a place that allowed me to really step out of my shell and find my voice,” said DiGangi. “The environment that Quinnipiac provides to its students, especially in the classroom, is one that promotes students to voice their opinions and be authentic in their thoughts.”

Although he is now a pioneer in the Finance world, DiGangi earned his double major in Spanish and sociology from Quinnipiac. Given his change in career path, DiGangi encourages students at Quinnipiac to keep an open mind and take advantage of their opportunities.

“It’s important to keep an open mind for your future, no matter what your current major is,” he said. “Learning transferrable skills that can be spread across multiple industries or fields can be so valuable.”

Invention after invention, DiGangi is motivated by his dedication to making a lasting impact on the generations to come. He is inspired by companies such as Amazon, Uber and Google, who have permanently changed the ways in which they interact with the world. Following these industry leaders, DiGangi hopes to inspire new ways to revolutionize banking.

As he looks towards the future. DiGangi has no plan to retire and hopes to inspire the next generation of inventors.

“To paraphrase the movie ‘The Social Network,’ innovation is like fashion… it’s never really finished,” said DiGangi. “There is always going to be something to improve upon or create and just because I’ve reached this milestone, I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.”

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