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As the world becomes more digital, the need for savvy and skilled computer science professionals is increasing in every industry. Depending on your professional goals, we offer two different computer science degree programs: a bachelor of science or a bachelor of arts. You’ll determine which path is right for you with the guidance of our faculty.

If you’re interested in computer design, building and internal architecture, in addition to computer programming, our BS program will give you the tools for a successful career. Your coursework will cover a host of topics — from web development and data structures to cryptography, artificial intelligence and robotics. This knowledge paves the way for you to build a successful career as a software developer, systems analyst, or network administrator, among many other careers.

The BA program takes a more holistic, interprofessional approach to the application of computer science. You’ll learn the same fundamental concepts and techniques, but also how to apply them to other subject areas, such as business, biology, graphic design and game design. The bachelor of arts curriculum is designed to be flexible, allowing you to complete an additional major or required minor.

Through either degree program, you’ll become proficient with leading industry hardware and software systems. Our on-campus computer science labs feature state-of-the-art equipment, hosting four unique internal networks. We will provide you with access to systems running Windows and Linux to acclimate you to different operating systems and working environments.