Stanley Cup-winning Bobcat continues to make his mark — on and off the ice

November 01, 2023

Devon Toews kisses the large Stanley Cup trophy with his back to the camera and his name on his jersey showing.

Devon Toews ’17, was a leader on Quinnipiac’s men’s ice hockey team and helped the Colorado Avalanche win the Stanley Cup — but his legacy doesn’t end there.

“The coaches and staff at Quinnipiac helped me learn to trust the process of getting to where I wanted to go,” said Toews. “They believed I had the talent and motivation to play professional hockey and they really instilled the drive and work ethic it was going to take for me to make a career out of it."

His success as a hockey player was only beginning as a Bobcat. Toews was drafted by the New York Islanders during his second year as a Bobcat and Quinnipiac propelled him to realize his childhood dream of playing in the National Hockey League.

After a few years of playing for the Islanders, he made the cross-country move to join the Colorado Avalanche in 2020. During the historic 2022 season, the team advanced to the highly coveted Stanley Cup playoffs and brought home the win.

“It was a great moment to win the cup and was even more special with family and friends around to celebrate with,” said Toews. “A few of my Quinnipiac teammates were in the building and got to experience some of the celebrations as well.”

While being part of a Stanley Cup-winning team was a lifelong goal of the ice hockey prodigy, another honor has been added to his collection: the Young Alumni Leadership Award.

The award recognizes his career accomplishments and years of philanthropic work in the community.

As a child, watching his parents dedicate their time to providing him and his brother the opportunity to play sports has always resonated with him. Their tireless commitment has inspired him to work toward easing the financial burden for other families.

In addition to hockey-related philanthropy, he works with Freedom Service Dogs, a nonprofit group that provides training dogs to people in need, whether it be veterans with PTSD, young people with autism or individuals with physical challenges.

“They provide them free of charge and these dogs instantly make people’s lives better with their love and care,” said Toews.

His work in the community and constant support of his alma mater have earned him this award. Toews expressed his admiration for the Quinnipiac students and families, as he has maintained close relationships with many at the university.

Heather Alpaugh, senior director of alumni affairs, praised Toews for his commitment to Quinnipiac.

“Devon’s continued support of the men’s ice hockey team and Quinnipiac Athletics serves as a source of motivation for current students, aspiring athletes and fellow alumni, highlighting the importance of giving back to one's alma mater," she said.

From meeting his wife at Quinnipiac to receiving this esteemed honor, Toews continues to embrace his identity as a Bobcat — in Hamden and beyond.

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