New podcast explores inclusive teaching

June 08, 2023

JT Torres and Karen Majeski in the podcast studio talking into microphones

With almost one million books published in the United States each year, it’s impossible to read them all.

This is one of the many factors that sparked the idea of the new podcast, “The Book Club for Busy Lives,” for Karen Majeski, assistant professor of occupational therapy, and JT Torres, director of the Center for Teaching and Learning.

The podcast is designed for those who want to learn about recently published books relating to diverse, equitable and inclusive teaching and learning but don’t have the time. Its goal is to provide a way for busy educators to learn how to help their students succeed, their communities thrive and for education to be a place for social justice.

“The School of Health Sciences' inclusive excellence committee historically ran a book club for its faculty to discuss, learn and explore issues and teaching practices related to diversity, equity and inclusion,” said Majeski. “We've tried a few strategies to get folks together to discuss the book. However, the biggest barrier was finding a common time due to the hectic lives of all instructors with other important commitments. After a discussion with JT, we found that we both used a strategy of listening to podcasts or author talks while we are driving to and from work or walking on the treadmill or around the neighborhood.”

The podcast will examine how culture influences the teaching and learning process in different environments, delving into topics such as identity, technology and various levels of diversity such as gender, race, sexuality and ability and how they relate to personal growth.

“What Inclusive Instructors Do: Principles and Practices for Excellence in College Teaching,” by Tracie Addy is the first book the podcast will explore.

“This book provides a foundation for the topics we will cover in different episodes,” said Torres. “Not only is this book very accessible to any instructor, but it also provides a starting point — a definition of terms like ‘inclusive teaching’ and ‘belonging’ that will certainly re-emerge in future seasons.”

The School of Health Sciences' inclusive excellence committee strives to support faculty in creating and meeting their personal goals related to diversity, equity and inclusion. It hopes the support will increase student engagement, making them feel heard and welcomed on campus.

“Addy’s book provides practical reflection activities and strategies that our faculty can immediately use,” said Majeski. “It’s very accessible and provides the language and framework to structure many discussions.”

This first season consists of four episodes hosted by Majeski, Torres and Addy. Season two will focus on the book “Fast Facts about LGBTQ+ Care for Nurses: How to Deliver Culturally Competent and Inclusive Care” by Tyler Traister, assistant professor of nursing at Quinnipiac.

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