Nursing students exemplify passion, perseverance during the pandemic

May 12, 2022

Student receives her pin a the School of Nursing Pinning Ceremony

The healthcare world will be a better place with over 180 Quinnipiac students about to receive their bachelor’s degree in nursing next week. The soon-to-be nurses were honored at the School of Nursing Pinning Ceremony, held on May 6, which happens to be National Nurses Day.

The students were recognized not only for their academic accomplishments but also for their strength, perseverance, flexibility, ability and at some points creativity as they navigated their second and third years during a pandemic.

“You faced a challenge like no other class has seen. You took the challenge of the unknown head-on. With perseverance, you grew and became an expert. You learned how flexible and strong you are,” said Lisa O’Connor, dean of the school of nursing.

“Quinnipiac has prepared you well for the path ahead. You are going to make a difference in every life you touch,” O’Connor said.

Each administrator and student who spoke at the ceremony expressed amazement in this group of students who were forced to learn in ways that no class before them ever has.

As Quinnipiac provost, Debra Liebowitz oversees all programs across the university. She noted that the School of Nursing faced much greater challenges than other areas of study, given the hands-on and personal nature of the profession.

“You have dealt with your education in a way that is unimaginable. This speaks volumes of your leadership. Your professionalism has already been tested and you now have the benefit of coming out into the workforce in a very important time when the need for nurses is profound,” she said.

Liebowitz told the students that the most important thing they should take from the ceremony is the opportunity to honor themselves.

“See yourself in your own accomplishments. Have humility and the ability to ask questions. Learning is a lifelong project,” she said.

Teresa Twomey, chair of the undergraduate nursing program and associate professor of nursing reflected on her days of teaching most of the students’ first nursing class and how excited they were.

“We all made it through,” she said. “The flexibility and the ability to switch on a dime will get you far in your profession. Quinnipiac’s School of Nursing doors will always be open for you. Congratulations on a job well done.”

Just before the 182 students walked across the stage and were pinned, Brittany Goeghan, a nursing student, spoke to her fellow classmates saying that though she didn’t personally know all the graduating students, she could see the passion for their chosen careers on their faces.

“We did it,” she said. “We will carry the Quinnipiac School of Nursing proudly. We were pushed out of our comfort zone again and again, but we did it because we know that nursing is a calling we feel in our bones. Thank you to all who pushed us out of our comfort zone.”

Goeghan spoke about how there is something about Quinnipiac that made each of them choose to come there.

“Always remember what made you come here. Because of you, patients are going to feel supported and not so alone in what could be their toughest times. Some patients just want someone to listen, someone to be there,” she said.

The students will graduate on May 14 and will then take their RN National Licensing Exam as the last step to earning their BSN.

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