NYPD internship opens student’s eyes to exciting future

September 01, 2023

Jacqueline Roberts stands with a member of the NYPD

Jacqueline Roberts ‘24 had the opportunity this summer to intern for the largest police department in the United States, in the New York Police Department transit bureau.

Roberts, a sociology major, has accomplished a substantial amount during her three years at Quinnipiac.

Roberts is an Albert Schweitzer Institute Global Engagement Fellow, which gave her the opportunity to participate in consortium on human rights and climate change at Oxford University.

Upon returning, Roberts gave a presentation on climate change on both a local and global scale. Since then, she has made it a priority to make a positive impact on the community.

Roberts gained an interest in environmentalism, leading her to complete an internship for Connecticut State Senator Christine Cohen, co-chair of the transportation committee. This opportunity opened Roberts' eye to the world of transportation, inspiring her to apply for the internship at the NYPD transit bureau.

Having had the opportunity to work in New York City was something that has long interested Roberts, being from Staten island. Roberts had the ability to learn first-hand about subway transportation in the biggest city in the country.

“I assisted in sharing presentations to international delegations who wanted to expand, improve or create their own subway system and these presentations included an explanation of how the New York City subway system works,” she said.

Roberts said she she is proud to be able to take this internship experience and gear it toward her upcoming senior thesis.

“I plan to take a comparative approach in observing the topic of affordability in the New York transit system and see how it appears in contrast to transit systems in other countries,” said Roberts.

She is planning to attend law school once she graduates from Quinnipiac this year. She hopes to one day become an attorney at a law firm.

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