Game design program ranked among nation's best by Princeton Review

April 09, 2024

Student playing a video game on his computer

Princeton Review’s Top 50 Undergraduate Schools for Game Design for 2024 ranked the Quinnipiac Game Design Program No. 21 in the Undergraduate list and No. 7 in the Northeast.

Director of Games Design and Development Elena Bertozzi touches on the multiple factors that contributed to the program achieving this ranking.

"We have a project-based curriculum where students start working on game teams their sophomore year and keep developing games through their senior year. In this way, they complete the program with an impressive portfolio of work,” said Bertozzi.

 “We have highly skilled faculty members, most of whom continue to publish games in a variety of venues. Our classes are small and students have many opportunities to work with organizations both inside and outside of the university on high-impact projects," Bertozzi adds.  

The game-design program has an institutional commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion that informs the work that students produce and creates a highly diverse community of developers, Bertozzi explained.

“This fosters an environment where people learn to work together and value the ways in which diversity of thought enables creativity and a wide range of expression," she said.

Quinnipiac's game-design program sets itself apart from other institutions in numerous ways — including that students maintain ownership of the intellectual property in their games.

“They also have access to the motion capture lab at the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine, Intuos tablets in our computer labs and AR/VR headsets — all of which support the development of games for different platforms,” said Bertozzi.

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