Alumnus publishes debut novel on DNA

November 29, 2022

Joe Briganti with his book "Moral Demise"

When Joe Briganti ’92, MAT ’97, was teaching DNA to his high school students, he realized he needed to be innovative to have them successfully absorb the concept. The realization turned into a 15-year long process of publishing the book, “Moral Demise.”

“Moral Demise,” which is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble, is a quick read that is packed with adventure, childhood friendship, young romance and the struggle to find balance between ethics and biotechnological advances in DNA, said Briganti.

The writing process, which took six months, was an interesting journey for Briganti and came with challenges.

“I had good days and bad days and the hardest part was not having those bad days discourage me from finishing the book,” said Briganti. “While I was writing, I continued to read books from my favorite author as a way to keep my ideas and format fresh. I also kept a copy of the book ‘Goonies’ on my desk as inspiration.”

While Briganti was able to finish the book, he then faced the challenge of getting his work published so that students could read and learn. The process took 15 years but Briganti said his passion to see the experience to the end fueled his motivation, he said.

“I was about to give up a week before I received my acceptance email,” he said. “I thought 15 years was a respectable amount of time to throw in the towel. I'm glad I didn't. I didn't give up because I was passionate about my goal to get a manuscript approved so I can prove to myself that I can write.”

Briganti attributes some of the skills used to write and publish his book to his time at Quinnipiac and credits Professor Dennis Ophiem for seeing his potential.

“Quinnipiac gave me the confidence and ability to write which was an area I initially struggled with during college,” said Briganti. “It was the teachers who took an interest in my ability and gave me the confidence to achieve what may have been at the surface level unachievable.”

Briganti hopes readers will get a new or renewed interest in reading fiction and while the target audience was teenagers, he says anyone can read and enjoy.

“Many adults have reached out saying they too have enjoyed reading it. The story was written with the 'reluctant' reader in mind hence its shortness but full of adventure and twists to keep the reader engaged,” said Briganti.

For others embarking on the journey of becoming an author, Briganti feels that belief is one of the most important things throughout the process.

“Write the way you think and see life around you,” said Briganti. “Write in a way that speaks to your personality and see things the way others wouldn't. If you do this, you can never go wrong. After all, your writing is an extension of your thoughts which can only be told in your own special way.”

Briganti is currently working on more stories and manages the blog “All Dads On Deck.”

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