Bobcat bonds extend well beyond graduation

December 14, 2023

Alumna Ali Warshavsky is pictured with her Bobcat friends and their children.

For many alumni like Ali Warshavsky '11, attending Quinnipiac is more than just an academic journey. It’s a transformative experience where strangers become friends and friends become bridesmaids.

“I met my forever friends at an ice cream social freshman year,” said Warshavsky. “I swear it was fate because we instantly became so close and lived together for the next three years.”

Warshavsky still marvels at how her friendship dynamics have changed since she crossed the Commencement stage in 2011.

“It’s funny how fast you go from texting about weekend plans to bridesmaids dresses and dinner recipes,” said Warshavsky. “We all live in different states and cities, but we are still friends celebrating our new lives.”

Warshavsky and her friends have remained committed to maintaining their connection and Bobcat spirit through an annual reunion trip.

“For several years, our Quinnipiac friend group would rent housing in Newport, Rhode Island every summer,” she said. “Now we have to rent a house with space for cribs.”

Although they live states apart, Warshavsky highlights that their college group chat never stays silent for long.

“We have a group chat named after the Perlroth dorm where we all met,” she said. “We are always reminiscing about our favorite Quinnipiac memories.”

Now celebrating milestones like weddings and baby showers, Warshavsky reflects on the joy of marking these occasions with her closest friends.  

“The first wedding in our friend group was truly special,” said Warshavsky. “We were all together dancing to Pitbull’s ‘Give Me Everything Tonight,’ like we were back at Toad’s Place.”

As the years have gone by, Warshavsky said that not only have her Bobcat bonds remained strong — but it has only strengthened.

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