New England native thrives during her time at Quinnipiac

Jacqueline Ydrovo '24, MS '25 May 08, 2024

Lexi Pepe stands on the Quad holding graduation cap

As a first-year student, Lexi Pepe ’24 was not able to step on campus during her first year. Living 30 minutes from campus, Pepe was one of many students who had to attend remotely on Zoom during the first few months of her Quinnipiac journey and develop connections through a computer screen.

Although a global pandemic might have made her feel like she was missing out on a lot, Pepe took it in stride and found the beauty in the moments that ultimately made for up it.

To supplement the lack of being on campus, Pepe looked to make connections through internships and career experiences. Particularly as a digital platforms assistant at the Office of Marketing and Communications at Quinnipiac, she was able to share in the excitement of current students while covering events such as Admitted Students Experience, Match Day and Commencement.

“Seeing other students share their passion with their friends and family on one of the most memorable days of their lives warmed my heart. There was a sense of content getting to experience those happy and pivotal moments,” said Pepe.

When Pepe was able to step foot on campus, she continued to search for opportunities that would further her personal and professional growth.

She spent time as a member of the Quinnipiac Chronicle student newspaper expanding her marketing major by combining it with her love for writing. Pepe developed skills she felt that she was missing from her major.

In her sophomore year, Pepe became one of the initial students to enroll in the business journalism minor through the School of Communications, combining her writing passion with her business knowledge.

During her time at Quinnipiac, Pepe has always felt that the campus has been a place where she could thrive and grow, especially with support from faculty and staff. Working with her mentors Lisa Scrofani and Jamie DeLoma at Office of Marketing and Communications, Pepe has felt that it has been one of her most rewarding experiences, learning about marketing in higher education.

“Working with Lexi for the past two years to make updates to the website has been such a privilege,” said Lisa Scrofani, assistant director of digital content strategy. “She brought an extraordinary level of passion, critical thinking and innovation to her role, and it has really paid off. Lexi's efforts have raised the level of quality on many different areas of the website, as well as several university sub-sites. These efforts help bring to life the wide range of information about Quinnipiac that can be accessed from around the world, with immeasurable impact on the reputation of the university.”

Outside of her academics and extracurriculars, Pepe reconnected with her childhood self.

Before she was a marketing major, she was interested in marine biology. Always wanting to be near the water and wanting to give back to the environment, Pepe frequented trips with friends in the New England area exploring what it had to offer.

“We headed down to Essex, Connecticut with no set plan, just ready to explore and see where the day takes us. We ended up exploring the downtown area, shopped at small businesses and boutiques and grabbed lunch together. I feel like this memory truly speaks to her character, as she is a person who is adventurous, open-minded, full of curiosity, willing to explore and always up to try new things,” said Amy Bologna ’23, MBA ’24.

Taking the opportunity to continue exploring and being curious, Pepe traveled to Bordeaux, France during the summer semester. France was not only a learning experience for Pepe, but also a way to connect with her family.

“France specifically has a special place in my heart as my late grandad always talked about his travels there during World War II,” said Pepe. “I was always fascinated by French culture and thought it was the perfect opportunity as Quinnipiac was hosting a wine-marketing class.”

Traveling abroad was one of the many achievements and moments that have shaped Pepe’s time at Quinnipiac. These moments and achievements have helped her grow from the uncertain first-year student to the confident and driven individual that she is today. Reflecting on her time at the university is something that she is immensely proud of and has allowed her to develop a deeper understanding of her future career.

“Professionally, one of my standout achievements has been developing my confidence and abilities as a marketing student and a digital platforms assistant at Quinnipiac. These achievements aren’t merely accolades but represent milestones in my journey of self-discovery and professional development, each contributing to the person I am today and the professional I aspire to become,” said Pepe.

With Commencement on the horizon, Pepe plans to spend time with her friends while continuing to travel in New England for the summer. Wanting to continue exploring her career and aspirations, Pepe wants to work with luxury goods or help a university market themselves to students so others can thrive and leave their legacy like she did at Quinnipiac.

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