How graduate student found her passion through her major

Jacqueline Ydrovo '24, MS '25 May 07, 2024

Madison Falhborg poses wearing graduation cap

When Madison Fahlborg ’24, MS ‘25, arrived on campus, social media and communications were not on her radar. She entered Quinnipiac as a physical therapy student not knowing what the future held for her.

During her time, Fahlborg learned the importance of following her passion and seeing how extraordinary it can be.

When presented with the opportunity to travel abroad and explore the world, Fahlborg took it. Traveling to Seville, Spain, she reconnected with her childhood passion for travel and felt the transformative and inspiring impact.

“From traveling around the world to learning a new language, and taking amazing courses such as Flamenco dancing and Spanish film, studying abroad left an indelible mark on my life. I was challenged to step outside of my comfort zone and embrace unfamiliarity while also fueling my curiosity and passion for cultural experiences,” said Fahlborg.

Since changing her major to public relations her junior year, Fahlborg has had the opportunity to explore social media and the world through different opportunities at Quinnipiac.

After returning from Spain, Fahlborg knew she would be stepping out of her comfort zone with her new major. Uncertain of the decision, Fahlborg was taking on the role of vice president of recruitment and marketing for her sorority Kappa Delta. In her new role, she was in charge of recruiting new members, designing apparel, creating social media content and hosting parents brunch.

While taking on the role of vice president of recruitment and marketing for her sorority, Fahlborg would expand her skills as a young professional doing work for The Agency at Quinnipiac. At The Agency, Fahlborg worked on two campaigns for the student-run public relations agency. One for Ellis Brooklyn and the other for Defend the Den.

Being a member of The Agency not only taught her real-world skills, but also helped her confidence grow as she enters the professional world.

Outside of her coursework and extracurriculars, Fahlborg has spent time working in the Marketing and Communications office at Quinnipiac as a digital platforms assistant. In the office, she has been able to grow her Bobcat pride while knowing that she is contributing to the legacy of the university itself.

"Working in the MarCom department is more than just a job for me, it's an opportunity to strengthen my Bobcat pride. Whether it's cheering on our teams or celebrating the achievements of students, faculty, and staff, I feel a profound sense of pride knowing that I'm contributing to the legacy of our university," she said. "I'm eternally grateful for the mentorship and unconditional support that my supervisor, Jamie DeLoma, has provided me. The way that he encourages me and believes in me has truly meant the world. It is because of Jamie that I will enter my career excited to learn, encouraged to lead, and inspired to make an impact on this world."

It was not just the experiences Fahlborg had that shaped her love and passion for social media, but the people around her as well. She has been able to connect with faculty and her professors, leaving an impact on them.

“Upon talking to Madison in class or listening to her present you understand that she was clearly meant to be a public relations professional. She has the ability to think strategically about issues and has the relevant skills to adapt stories to a larger audience. In the fall of 2023, Madison was enrolled in The Agency course and upon hearing her ideas about brand storytelling, digital communications and influencer marketing more than one person in the audience asked me if they could hire her,” said Hilary Fussell Sisco, professor of public relations. “Her energy is contagious and I think she has the ability to build enthusiasm on almost any subject.”

As Fahlborg prepares to walk across the stage at Commencement, she is also preparing to return to Quinnipiac as a public relations master's student.

She closes out her time as an undergraduate student knowing that it has transformed her academically and personally. Some of these moments of her undergraduate career include Wake The Giant featuring Flo Rida and being awarded the Outstanding Student in Public Relations Award this spring.

"This award was far more than academic achievement, it was recognition for the journey and effort I've taken to chase my passion," said Fahlborg. "When I found public relations, I took a risk and decided to follow my passion head first even if it meant doubling up on courses or making sacrifices in my personal life. This award was a proud moment for me because it stood as a testament to what I can accomplish when I follow my dreams." 

Looking back on her time as an undergraduate student, Fahlborg is forever grateful to her mentors and professors who have helped her grow her knowledge and experience for her future career.

Her professors and mentors helped lead her to public relations and the love she now has for social media and what it means for her future career.

“As I've continued to grow my skills in social media, I'm inspired by the endless possibilities to create content, connect with users, and promote positive change,” said Falhborg.

Returning in the fall, Fahlborg is excited to continue her extraordinary journey at Quinnipiac and continue to grow academically and personally. It has been one of her most rewarding experiences and she credits Quinnipiac’s emphasis on real-world experiential learning to helping her find her passion.

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