Passing the torch: Student Government Association president bids farewell

Jake Cedor ’24, MBA ’25, has served as president of the Student Government Association (SGA) for the past year and is now taking the next step in his professional life — earning his master’s degree and diving into the workforce.

He fell in love with the business industry in high school and has never looked back.

Learning about global business and economical issues like healthcare and education inspired him to get involved in making a difference. His mission to help communities around the world is clear, and it began with the Quinnipiac student body.

“Being a part of student government is the single best thing I could've done for myself, and I believe the same would be true for anyone,” said Cedor. “The organization has opened nearly every door I can think of and I will be forever grateful for what it has done for me and so many other students here.”

In the past three years, Cedor has ascended the ranks from becoming first-year class president to vice president for operations, ultimately serving as president of the entire student-led organization.

Not only did running SGA benefit him professionally, but the association helped him to develop lifelong friendships and the opportunity to deeply understand the everyday lives of Quinnipiac students.

As Commencement approaches, the Bobcat reflected on how the school has impacted him forever.

“The energy and support from professors made me feel like I was never left in the dark,” said Cedor. “There was always someone to turn to at Quinnipiac. Since the faculty and staff care so much, you are pushed as a business student to get internship opportunities. Thanks to Quinnipiac, I have had several opportunities to experience multiple workplace environments and build on my skills outside the classroom. I believe that's why so many graduates are successful and why I know I have a good foundation.”

After completing his international business degree this May, Cedor will continue his studies by pursuing his MBA at Quinnipiac. However, classes will not be the only thing on his plate. The driven Bobcat landed a full-time position with Monte Financial Group in Guilford, Connecticut.

He is extremely enthusiastic about contributing in his role to support the wealth management team and begin in August. The soon-to-be-graduate offers advice for prospective students considering a similar area of study and career path.

“Jump right into it! Remember why you're doing it,” said Cedor. “Students in the business program at Quinnipiac really do have the opportunity to go on and do big things.”

He reflected on how the international business program in particular didn’t tie him down to a specific discipline and allowed him to explore a range of opportunities. Mohammad Elahee, professor of international business, was a major help in guiding Cedor along his academic journey. Take the time to learn from your professors, he said.

As this chapter of his Quinnipiac life comes to a close, he holds onto heartfelt memories and friends he made along the way.

“Thank you, Quinnipiac,” Cedor said. “I can't say much more than thank you. There are too many things this university has done for me, too many relationships I've fostered and too many experiences I've had that I can't name just a few memories. So, thank you."

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