Business graduate credits university for professional growth, leadership opportunities

May 07, 2024

Jacob Iby softly smiles in a suit and tie for a headshot.

Jacob Iby ’24 has always been up to a challenge and his future will be no different. As a double major in business analytics and computer information systems, Iby has dedicated himself to developing his skills and preparing himself for his future.

These two areas of study served as an intersection between business and technology, both of which Iby has a deep passion for.

“Quinnipiac has helped me become not just a better student, but a better person,” said Iby. “Growth and development were the name of the game in and outside of the classroom. I credit my time here to my significant growth in professionalism and character.”

Aside from devotion to his academic life, student organizations — specifically the RA program — massively impacted his college experience.

“The organizations were a major player in my time at Quinnipiac and helped with learning skills like leadership, communication and hard work, as well as honing in on my passions such as philanthropy and team building,” said Iby.

After years of supporting his residents, diving into student engagement and committing himself to his studies, Iby will be working in Technology Risk at Ernst and Young following graduation. The opportunities provided to him at Quinnipiac led him to earn this full-time job and kickstart his professional career.

Iby offers his advice for prospective or current students considering a similar major or planning to attend Quinnipiac.

“There is no wrong choice, try as much as you can,” said Iby. “Eventually you will find something specific you are really good at or really like doing, run with it. Be unique, it is okay to stand out; chase your dreams with intense passion and don't take no for an answer. That's the single best way to separate yourself from average and leave your mark. Everyone has a different path, embrace it.”

As the Bobcat reflects on his memorable four years here, he is sad to leave behind such an important part of his life but excited for what the future has in store.

“Quinnipiac is a special place with special people,” Iby said. “The people I have met, memories I have made and all I have learned will stick with me for life. I am beyond grateful for my time here and will miss it dearly. I don't think it would be fitting to say farewell to Quinnipiac but rather I will say see you later. Once a Bobcat, always a Bobcat."

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