Game design and development students visit Take-Two Interactive headquarters

April 29, 2023

Group photo of game design students

Students studying the game design and development at Quinnipiac recently had the opportunity to visit the corporate headquarters of one of the largest game companies in the world, Take-Two Interactive.

“We were very fortunate to have been invited for this visit by Take-Two Interactive Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions Devin Fargnoli, who serves on the game design and development advisory board,” said Elena Bertozzi, director of the game design and development program. “It was an extraordinary opportunity for students to learn about what it takes to be successful in the game industry and to forge contacts and establish relationships.”

The visit included meeting with the head of human resources for the corporate office, the vice president of corporate communications and public affairs and a staffer who works with their Indie company division. As a result of this trip, the students are now eligible to apply for internally publicized internships.

“I hope to work at my favorite game studio developing games or even to own a successful indie game company, and this visit puts things into perspective in terms of what is out there for job opportunities,” said Mario Egocheaga ’23. “It also gave us an idea of where our careers could take us. I could really see myself sitting in a boardroom discussing the next big thing for the game industry.”

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