Your Experience

Our BA in Game Design and Development program provides students with a comprehensive background in game and interactive media design alongside hands-on experience through game labs, research projects and internships. All students take core classes in the major and choose concentrations that allow them to focus on their skills and interests. Our concentrations include programming, technology, design process, art, game studies, game writing, business and audio. We encourage and support double majors with programs such as computer science.

A unique feature of our program is the game lab where students work in interdisciplinary teams to build game prototypes. The game lab is offered as a multi-semester sequence beginning in your sophomore year. During your senior year, the program culminates in a capstone experience when students take the Senior Project and Seminar.

Through the QU in LA program, you can spend a semester in California interning at companies such as Electronic Arts, Blizzard Entertainment and Facebook. In addition, our students have worked as counselors at iD Tech, a prestigious game design camp with sites all across America.

The Center for Game Development (CGD) supports the continued development of select student and faculty games by providing financial support and resources during the summer. CGD also fosters a shared and continuing culture of technological expertise and innovation.