Graduate shines light on the power of seizing every opportunity

Madison Fahlborg '24, MS '25 May 08, 2024

Jackie Ydrovo stands holding her graduation cap

Throughout her experience at Quinnipiac, Jacqueline Ydrovo ’24, MS ’25, embraced each and every opportunity with unwavering determination, furthering her growth and success.

From taking on leadership roles to traveling across the world, Ydrovo leveraged every opportunity to excel. Pursuing her degree in the accelerated dual degree 3+1 master’s in public relations program with a minor in business, Ydrovo has developed a strong affinity for communications.

Ydrovo’s experiences extend far beyond the campus walls and she has inspired audiences worldwide through her position as a digital platforms assistant in the Marketing and Communications office at Quinnipiac.

In 2023, Ydrovo helped lead Frozen Four coverage across Quinnipiac’s digital channels. Bringing live coverage of both the Frozen Four and the NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey National Championship, Ydrovo shared stories of triumph to Bobcat Nation.

“The Frozen Four and the National Championship will always stand out to me because they served as a testament to pushing myself outside of my comfort zone,” said Ydrovo. “When deciding what type of content to post, we wanted fans to see but also feel, what was happening. Although our focus was on telling the story of the men’s ice hockey team, we also wanted to broadcast what it means to be a Bobcat.”

During her time at Quinnipiac, Ydrovo had the opportunity to participate in a faculty-led study abroad to Australia. Ydrovo describes her journey to the land down under as transformative as she expanded her horizons both academically and personally.

“I applied to the faculty-led course on a whim thinking how amazing it would be if I could cross off a bucket-list travel destination while in college,” she said. “When I was accepted onto the trip, I was in a state of shock because it meant that I would actually be traveling to the other side of the world.”

While conquering her fears and pursuing her dreams, Ydrovo emphasized that this was more than an experience for her, it was a milestone moment.

“Somedays it doesn’t feel real that at the age of 20, I got on a plane — even with a fear of flying — and traveled across the world,” said Ydrovo. “This was a reminder of all the things that I can do when I don’t let fear stand in my way and take every opportunity”

Ydrovo was given the opportunity to share her experience from down under watching the FIFA Women’s World Cup through an article in Quinnipiac Magazine.

“As the editor of Quinnipiac Magazine, I'm always looking for new voices and new perspectives to share with our readers. Last summer, when I sought a student to write about the FIFA Women's World Cup and the political, social and cultural forces that have shaped Australia and New Zealand, my first choice — my only choice, really — was Jackie,” said Director of Editorial Services Brian Koonz. “She is a talented writer whose storytelling helped bring a global experience to life for our community. I was delighted to include her piece in our fall magazine."

Through her involvement in many campus organizations, such as Q30-TV, The Agency, QBSN and PRSSA, Ydrovo has coupled her education in communications with her love for Quinnipiac to bring joy and entertainment to the Bobcat community.

“My position as editor-in-chief for QBSN enhanced my love for Bobcat Nation because I have been able to share the more personal sides of the athletes when they are not on the ice, court, or field,” said Ydrovo. “This allows for students to better connect with the athletes as they are able to share their own stories while also competing at a high level.”

Both inside and outside of the classroom, Ydrovo’s peers describe her passion and enthusiasm as unwavering.

“Jackie is one of the hardest workers I have ever met in my life,” said Michael Singer ’25. “When it comes to her drive and work ethic, Jackie is top tier. It doesn’t matter what assignment or task is given to her, she will make sure that it is complete, not only to the fullest but at the highest level of quality. She is an absolute superhero and is in your corner no matter what.”

Ydrovo’s dedication to her academics is inspiring and her professors comment on her passion for learning.

“Jackie has always been driven and energetic,” said Professor Hillary Fussell Sisco. “She is curious and committed to her studies and has always shown a wonderful commitment to the Quinnipiac community.”

During her time at Quinnipiac, Ydrovo has touched the lives of many for the better.

“Jackie is one of the most kindhearted and genuinely helpful people I have come across at Quinnipiac,” said Emily Sweeney ’23, MS ‘24. “Her personality along with her drive to succeed will be the legacy she leaves on everyone she has come across at this university whether that be in class, at work, in student media or just in passing by exchange. She has made so many people strive to be better versions of themselves including me and I could not be more proud of everything she has accomplished.”

Serving as an orientation leader for two summers, Ydrovo served a vital role in the first-year experience for many incoming Bobcats, emphasizing her desire to give back to the Quinnipiac community. 

“I took on the role as an orientation leader for two summers because I saw the impact my OLs had on me when I was an incoming freshman,” said Ydrovo. “I remember their kindness in welcoming to me to Quinnipiac and I wanted to be able to do that for others as well.”

As Ydrovo crosses the Commencement stage, she leaves a legacy of academic excellence, community involvement and passion for communications. As she closes her chapter as an undergraduate student and returns to Quinnipiac in the fall to pursue her master’s, she is filled with gratitude for the friendships and memories that she has gained along the way.

“My most rewarding experience at Quinnipiac has been the people I have met,” she said. “I have met some of my best friends and closest confidants at Quinnipiac. There is nothing more rewarding than laughing with friends over silly jokes and getting to make lasting memories forever. Each of these people have had their own impact on me and hold a special place in my heart.”

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