Health law program earns A+ national ranking for sixth year

October 02, 2023

Students walkinig out of the School of Law on the North Haven Campus.

Significant opportunities within a robust, well-supported program have once again earned Quinnipiac’s Health Law concentration an A+ ranking in preLaw magazine.

Since 2017, the magazine has recognized Quinnipiac’s Health Law concentration with six A+ rankings. The program earned an A ranking in 2018.

Quinnipiac’s Director of Health Law Concentration, Leonard A. Dwarica, said there is significance in the program’s consistent earning of top marks and in Quinnipiac’s A+ appearance on preLaw’s 2023 list, which also includes several leading, larger schools.

“Only 15 programs were ranked A+, putting us in company with Georgetown, Northeastern, Georgia State, and the University of Maryland, among others,” said Dwarica. 

Among many factors contributing to the ongoing success of Quinnipiac’s Health Law program, Dwarica said credit is due to its students, to alumni who are practicing health law, and to the experienced members of the program’s administration, faculty and adjunct faculty.

Located on the North Haven Campus in the School of Law, students in Quinnipiac’s Health Law concentration also benefit from unique opportunities developed in collaboration with neighboring Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine, said Dwarica.

The medical, nursing and health sciences schools provide Health Law concentration students opportunities for interprofessional collaboration and access to a wide range of research materials related to the health care industry.

“The fact that we have the medical school right next door provides an interprofessional connection. That’s a unique situation,” said Dwarica. “We have the benefit of drawing on the resources of the medical school and vice versa; and we have a very good working relationship.”

Beginning in their second year, Health Law concentration students gain access to the program’s diverse clinic and externship courses as well as a medical-legal partnership or health law externship.

Placements include those with the Department of Public Health, a hospital or pharmaceutical legal department, or a law firm practicing health law. Quinnipiac’s significant partnership with Hartford HealthCare, Connecticut’s most comprehensive healthcare network, provides additional experiential opportunities for students.

As a result, Quinnipiac’s Health Law concentration provides students with a comprehensive foundation in health law as it intersects with business, public policy and a variety of federal regulations concerning the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries.

Produced by The National Jurist, preLaw magazine’s Back to School issue annually grades law school programs nationwide based on the breadth of their curricular offerings.

“We look forward to repeating our ranking in 2024,” said Dwarica. 

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