Professor’s new publication offers medical students guidance

July 25, 2023

Adam Weinstein smiling in a blue and white button up shirt

Adam Weinstein, professor of medical sciences and the dean of the clinical curriculum at Quinnipiac, performed research on all the factors affecting medical students' decisions to pursue a career in pediatrics. 

The study, titled “Factors Influencing Medical Students’ Career Choice to Pursue Pediatrics,” additionally looked into the elements that could influence students to change their specialty from pediatrics to a different field in the medical realm.

Weinstein’s experience teaching clinical education has played a large role in why he decided to pursue and research this topic, he said. 

“Over the last five years, we have seen fewer students pursuing pediatrics and we anticipate workforce shortages in general pediatrics and many pediatric subspecialties,” said Weinstein. “My colleagues and I were interested in exploring how we can better understand the reasons for these trends.” 

Weinstein and his colleagues hope that this publication offers guidance to students who are considering the pursuit of a profession in the medical field.

“We hope readers and students can gain a sense of their different career options and what factors medical students pursuing pediatrics seem to value,” he said. “For faculty reading this article, we identify some ways they can support students’ interests.”

Weinstein’s faculty position at Quinnipiac has especially had a great influence on his research findings, he said.

“My faculty position at Quinnipiac has supported me to teach and serve as a leader for clinical education and work with students to support them with career advice,” said Weinstein. “It has truly given me valuable experience in this content area.” 

Weinstein’s study was reviewed by Quinnipiac’s institutional review board and utilized survey research conducted on Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine fourth-year students.

Interested students, faculty, staff and community members can view Weinstein’s publication at the Edward and Barbara Netter Library on Quinnipiac’s North Haven Campus, on PubMed or directly on the Journal of Pediatrics' website.

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