Thanks for the memories, Class of 2022

May 11, 2022

Graduates smile for a photo outside

As Commencement approaches, we reflect on the past four years and all of the wonderful memories you made here at Quinnipiac. Although it is time to leave the den, you will always have a place within the Bobcat community.

Student hugs their orientation leader

You took a major leap into college during your Orientation, when you met your future professors, advisers and made your first Bobcat friendships.

Students stand with President Olian.

You celebrated important university milestones, including the 9th presidential inauguration at Quinnipiac.

Students take a picture while abroad in León

You studied and explored various cultures in cities around the world — and throughout the United States, including Quinnipiac University in Los Angeles and Quinnipiac University in Washington, D.C.

Students at the White Coat Ceremony

You rolled up your sleeves and committed to making the world a better place — kicking off your medical school education at the annual White Coat Ceremony, and receiving your first stethoscope.

The opening of On the Rocks

You celebrated the opening of On the Rocks Pub & Grill, a student-led initiative, complete with gaming tables, a stage for a variety of performances and multiple taps.

Masks being delivered to student's mailboxes

You adapted to the times and worked diligently to keep yourself — and those around you — healthy in unprecedented times.

A Zoom cart is used.

You embraced new technologies, like the introduction of Zoom carts, throughout the three campuses, and were nimble and resilient throughout the process.

Boomer wearing a mask in the library

You stepped up to the plate, and didn't skip a beat — continuing to study hard and create a rich student experience in the most unusual of times (to say the least).

Student scoops food onto her plate at an event

You devoted your time to learning about and supporting other cultures and societies — including at a variety of multicultural and inclusive events and banquets, like this culinary-focused Black History Month event.

Students practice yoga and mindfulness on the quad

You took moments to celebrate your time together at a variety of formal and informal mindfulness events on and around our campuses.

Students enjoy the view of Quinnipiac from the top of Sleeping Giant.

You reached new heights and reflected on your journey to getting there.

Students have a snowball fight outside

You balanced your studies with a lot of fun — making time for the connections and friendships that matter and memories that will last a lifetime. 

A student paints a wall.

You rolled up your sleeves and made a difference, giving thousands of hours of community service across Hamden, North Haven, New Haven — and beyond.

Students dance at QTHON on the quad

You raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support various philanthropic causes throughout the state — including at the annual QTHON dance marathon that raises money for Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

Students crowd on the quad during welcome weekend

You got involved in the university's hundreds of student-run clubs and organizations — each making a positive difference in our Bobcat family and broader world.

Student sits in front of a fire pit

You studied and connected with friends around our campuses, including at the firepits installed on the Quad during your time at the university. 

Students laughing at Fall Fest on the quad

You laughed. You shared positive energy. You supported each other — and all of us.

Hundreds of students cheer while a performer sings on an outdoor stage

You brought your enthusiasm daily — and let loose at events like Student Programming Board's annual Fall Fest. 

Students take a picture with Boomer on a sled

You came together through inclusive community events like the holiday Quad lighting — complete with caroling, cookies and cocoa.

Students watch hockey on the field hockey field.

You were part of new traditions — like outdoor watch parties.

Students work on a mechatronics project

You mastered the latest technology and then put it to the test — through practical implementations.

Students cheer at a hockey game against Yale

Your cheered on our 21 Division I sports to exciting wins and thrilling post season victories.

Students perform in the Three Sisters play

You celebrated the reintroduction of in-person theater. “Three Sisters” by Anton Chekhov, was performed by students during the Fall 2022 semester. 

Student celebrates on Match Day

You celebrated great academic and professional accomplishments with your friends, families, professors and advisers — including this year's residency Match Day.

Students table at a fair

Your harnessed your skills and attended career fairs and other professional enrichment events.

Student plays a game at the Commencement FairYou came together to celebrate with your fellow graduates a successful, memorable and amazing collegiate experience at Commencement Fair.

Students play corn hole on the law school lawnYou aimed true for your goals, whether they were academic, professional or just for fun with your friends at events like Spring Fest.

Students table on the quad for Earth Day

You celebrated our planet by organizing and participating in a variety of Earth Day activities and events each year.

Students in the School of Law have a BBQ

You honored the successes of your peers at annual celebrations, like the School of Law annual BBQ.

Four students walk across the quad with Commencement robes

You took your Commencement photos with your friends on the Quad and prepared to take the big walk across the steps of the Arnold Bernhard Library. 

A dozen graduating students cheers with glasses of champagne

You accomplished so much, and we could not be any more proud. Here's to you!

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