After being supported by many Quinnipiac communities, nursing major plans to support other people

May 09, 2023

giovanni kanter, a dark haired man with a mustache in a white button down shirt poses on the quad in front of echlin

Giovanni Kanter ’23 has nothing but gratitude for the communities he became a part of during his time at Quinnipiac.

A nursing major who appreciated the school's structure and knew that it was the environment he needed, Kanter flew from Dallas, Texas to Hamden, Connecticut in pursuit of the best education he could get.

In addition, he also developed some of the closest friendships he’s ever had.

Having joined a fraternity, Kanter was excited to start a new chapter of his life in Quinnipiac’s Beta Theta Pi chapter. Through fraternity and sorority life, he has shaved his hair to raise money for cancer research, gave back to local communities through the Big Event and gained leadership skills as a member of the executive board of his fraternity.

Kanter wanted to give back to the university community as a senior so he ran for a spot on the Student Government Association in a special election and was elected to the senior cabinet.

“I joined SGA because I wanted to be a part of a team dedicated to bettering the community through action,” Kanter explained. “Through SGA, I have worked to integrate an educational series on race and racism throughout history alongside current data on health disparities that will begin in the fall. My goal is to send our nurses out into the field informed and educated on the realities experienced by marginalized patient populations receiving health care.”

Through all of his activities and work at Quinnipiac, Kanter believes he has become a more compassionate and disciplined person, and he was honored to have experienced the different roles that have gotten him there.

“My communities outside of my academics carried me through the difficulties of nursing school, and the support of these communities was most of the structure of my experience here,” Kanter said. “Some of my best memories were made spending time with my fraternity brothers and friends outside of class.”

Kanter has also had his research published. He’s just as determined to do well in class as he is to make a difference on campus and throughout the local community, and he aspires to continue his nursing career in a neurological intensive care unit.

When it comes to his advice for those just beginning the college experience, Kanter’s only got one thing to say.

“Be present to the experiences in front of you. Take a hold of your reality and create the life you want to live.”

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