Alumnus comes full circle having opportunity to collaborate with, give back to Quinnipiac

April 26, 2023

Headshot of Andrew Turzak

Hartford HealthCare team members came to Quinnipiac’s North Haven Campus on April 21 to participate in the Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute’s (COI) first annual symposium, hosted by the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine. COI is an affiliate of Hartford HealthCare.

“This is an incredibly exciting day, the launching of yet another great initiative between Quinnipiac, Hartford HealthCare and COI,” said Jeffrey Cohen, Hartford HealthCare executive vice president and chief clinical operating officer.

Cohen said the partnership is a tribute to the leadership of Quinnipiac President Judy Olian.

“Judy Olian is a phenomenal leader of Quinnipiac and a visionary person. What I have seen in the trajectory of Quinnipiac is unsurpassed in American education,” said Cohen, adding, “Quinnipiac is recognized as one of the most innovative colleges and universities in the country; and Forbes just recognized Hartford HealthCare as one of the 300 most innovative companies — not just healthcare, but companies - in the country. And a lot of it is because of what you’re seeing today with COI and the synergy with Quinnipiac University.”

The symposium served as a continuing education, accredited conference for physicians, nurses and other learners. It offered 14 sessions and featured a distinguished panel of expert physicians and surgeons, speaking on a variety of orthopedic and sports medicine topics.  Additional event sponsors were Connecticut-based medical services and device companies IJT Surgical LLC of South Glastonbury, Stryker Corporation of Branford and global medical technology firm Zimmer Biomet.

Developing the symposium with Quinnipiac as a partner was especially gratifying for Andrew N. Turczak, ’07, MHS ‘09, MBA ’18. Turczak currently serves as vice president for Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute.

“This has come full circle,” said Turczak. “I was hoping that at some point in my career, I could not only partner with Quinnipiac but also give back to Quinnipiac, as well as to try to help highlight the school.”

Cohen thanked Turczak for leading the symposium’s organizational team of Quinnipiac, COI and Hartford HealthCare representatives.

Turczak joined the Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute as director of operations in 2017. He earned his Master of Business Administration degree in healthcare administration from Quinnipiac in 2018.

Visiting the School of Health Sciences on April 21, Turczak said his Master’s of Health Science in physician assistant studies prepared him well. He has been practicing as a physician assistant for over nine years in emergency medicine and orthopedics. He began his orthopedic tenure in 2012, working at Yale-New Haven Hospital and for Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists.

“The School of Health Sciences provides the full spectrum of the health science curriculum, including opportunities to get you into the real world through the relationships Quinnipiac has with organizations like Hartford HealthCare,” said Turczak.

He said Quinnipiac’s network of professional relationships and partnerships gives health science students of all disciplines access to remarkable preceptorships, shadow opportunities, clinicals and other experiential opportunities which rise above those offered at other universities.

“I see and hear the struggle other universities have in creating those relationships,” said Turczak. “And now I have the ability, in my role, to help ensure and support the educational process for the students here and also through the hiring process.”

When deciding on where to undertake graduate studies to earn his Master’s of Business Administration, Turczak chose Quinnipiac’s School of Business.

Turczak said the level and breadth of the education offered by the School of Business was part of the equation in his decision, “… but the other pieces were the opportunities that Quinnipiac had provided, right from the get-go as an undergraduate, to help build an instrumental foundation for leadership.”

Turczak said he benefited from Quinnipiac’s wealth of student engagement and leadership programs such as those provided by orientation leaders, resident advisors and leadership courses, as well through his participation in Greek life on campus.

“I almost feel like I learned more from those components Quinnipiac offered which I was able to engage in, than in the classroom itself. I do think that has helped tremendously in helping me get to where I am today,” said Turczak.

In addition to his role with COI, Turczak is an active member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants and is a past president of the Connecticut Academy of Physician Assistants.

Turczak said the well-rounded educational experiences instilled in Quinnipiac graduates are recognized and valued by healthcare professionals.

“When you graduate from Quinnipiac and that name is on your resume, there is value to that, he said. “We see that as a truly well-established, well-educated, well-prepared student that is ready to come into the healthcare workforce.”

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