From Bobcat to Big Bird's best friend: the Quinnipiac alumna behind Elmo's online presence

Christina Vittas ’20, fell in love with social media as a teenager and once she attended Quinnipiac, she knew that it was the perfect career for her.

Studying advertising and integrated communications as a Bobcat was only the first stepping stone in Vittas’ success. Along with academic studies, she served as the vice president of communications for the Panhellenic Council at Quinnipiac, as well as the marketing director for Q30-TV.

Her passion for television and social media marketing flourished in these environments, leading her to her position at the Sesame Workshop today.

In 2019, she began as an intern at the organization and dedicated herself to making a difference. Once she entered her senior year at Quinnipiac in 2020, she kept in touch with many contacts. After graduating, Vittas jumped at the opportunity to return to Sesame Street and now works full-time as the award-winning social media manager for the beloved muppet, Elmo.

“I did not always see myself working in children's entertainment but when I was an intern at Sesame Workshop it all clicked for me,” said Vittas. “I found that my personality meshes well with children's content and better yet, my values passionately align to Sesame Street's brand attributes and Sesame Workshop's mission to help children everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder.”

On an average day as @Elmo, Vittas curates content, writes captions, brainstorms concepts for upcoming shoots, replies to fans, edits videos and more. She gathers inspiration from pop culture and challenges herself to put a “Sesame-spin” on content that audiences across all platforms enjoy. The goal of Elmo’s accounts is to provide love and encouragement for all of his followers.

“I embrace a mindset of gratitude and lean into how special my work is,” said Vittas. “My teammates and I put a lot of care and strategy into what we do and by sticking to our legendary brand and character attributes, we take a lot of pride in being a vessel for all the incredible work that has come before us.”

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