One Stop administrator honored for making positive impact on university community

September 08, 2022

Headshot of Noreen Bashta

For Noreen Bashta, handling matters with grace is important. As the assistant director for student accounts at One Stop, she has to answer a large number of communications with students and parents daily.

On a day-to-day basis, Bashta primarily handles undergraduate student accounts, including billing, posting of funds and reviewing and issuing student refunds. She also applies waivers and adjusts payment plans. From helping someone understand or pay a bill to explaining how to log into an account, Bashta loves to help however she can.

For her efforts, Bashta is being recognized next month with the university’s most prestigious award, the Excellence in Service to Students Award.

In her almost 30 years at Quinnipiac, she’s built a reputation of treating everyone she meets with respect. Before working in One Stop, Bashta worked in the bookstore and bursar’s office where she also made a positive impact on those around her.

Christine Festa, assistant controller for gifts, grants and sponsored programs, said she admires the dedication and compassion that Bashta brings to work with her every day.

“I have had conversations with Noreen where she’s let me know that she understands that every contact is important, that students and parents deserve her patience and attention,” said Festa. “You can tell that she values seeing an individual’s problem through to be solved. When I have overheard her exchanges with students, I hear how nurturing she is to them, especially when they need someone’s help. She takes this very personally.”

When dealing with conflict, Bashta tries to be understanding to be able to solve the problem efficiently and effectively.

“I try to just listen, let them express their concerns, then assess the situation and try to best solve the issue,” she said. “I try to de-escalate the situation and then if needed call on my many contacts to help solve the dilemma, and I like to follow through to the end to be sure we resolved the problem and the student or parent is satisfied.”

For Bashta, she said that hopes that her contributions are able to impact and benefit the Quinnipiac community.

“I would hope that if something I have done has helped a student or parent in a small way then that really is a win for our community because they will walk away with a positive outcome. They may tell someone about their experience and that may be the changing factor in deciding to apply here,” she said.

When it comes to what inspires Bashta, she mentions her colleagues whom she learned from.

“I’m just trying to follow in the footstep of those that came before me, especially my former colleagues, Valerie Carbone, Maureen Prefontaine and Patricia Hayes. They taught me the meaning behind each student that passes through the doors, to treat everyone with kindness and respect, to be consistent and that they are the reason we are here. They didn’t know they were teaching me, but I truly owe them so much and hope that I have made them proud by carrying on what they showed me,” she said.

Bashta describes the feeling of winning this immense honor as “humbling."

“I am truly honored to have won this very prestigious award,” she said. “Especially that I have the pleasure to know so many others that have come before me, I am humbled in their light.”

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