Passionate veteran enriches the Bobcat community

November 10, 2023

Zach Miller buckles a parachute pack onto a soldier wearing camoflage and a helmet

Zachary Miller ’24 feels grateful for the diverse population of veterans at Quinnipiac.

Miller served 23 years in the U.S. Army, finally retiring with the rank of Sergeant First Class (SFC). His military career led him to work at various stations across the United States as well as deploying in support of combat operations in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Throughout his service, his main commitment was to the well-being of his fellow soldiers, he said.

Miller’s military roles were diverse, beginning as a reconnaissance scout and then transitioning to being a sniper. He eventually became responsible for an airborne infantry unit in Austin, Texas, where he played a key role in training.

“I had to convince soldiers it was a good idea to jump out of a perfectly good airplane,” said Miller. “I’ve had the honor to serve with hundreds of men and women who chose to serve their country.”

Looking back on his military career, Miller is most proud of his role as a leader and caretaker for the soldiers under his command, he said. He recognized the demanding nature of life in the military and takes pride in how he provided other soldiers with the best training and support possible.

Choosing Quinnipiac was an easy decision for Miller, he explained. He was drawn to the school because of the high-quality academics, but what truly sealed the deal was the encouragement from Jason Burke, director of veteran and military affairs.

The veteran community at Quinnipiac has been one of the most valuable parts of Miller’s collegiate experience, he added.

“The diverse population of veterans here not only benefits the knowledge we can share with other students,” said Miller. “But it also provides an environment of shared experiences that can help veterans transition into college life.”

Miller’s passion lies in engaging with the student community and sharing his knowledge about the wider world and its cultures. He values the ability to create a diverse and respectful environment, where he believes everyone can learn best.

After he graduates, Miller has his sights set on becoming a history teacher, hoping to be unique and engaging.

For any veterans considering going to college, Miller has one piece of advice he found helpful because of his own experience.

“As a veteran, you can’t find a better college to take your first step into the civilian world than Quinnipiac," he said.

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