Performance, compassion and caring shaped graduate’s Quinnipiac experience

May 12, 2023

Mia Calore

As one who loves to perform, is compassionate and caring, Mia Calore ’23, seemingly hasn’t missed a beat in getting the most out of her four years at Quinnipiac. In many ways, the involvement has also helped her to give back.

“My freshman year, somebody I met told me to treat Quinnipiac like an all-you-can-eat buffet and take advantage of everything the school has to offer. That has stuck with me. I said, ‘I’m getting involved with everything. Anything the school has to offer, my name is on it,’” said Calore.

On the way to earning her bachelor’s in nursing, she became involved with Quinnipiac’s fraternity and sorority life as a member of Phi Sigma Sigma. During this year’s QTHON, she and her sisters helped raise $110,000 for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. To assist in the effort, Calore, a Quinnipiac dance team member as first-year student and sophomore, put her skills to work for QTHON.

“My role on the management team was as morale co-chair. This was perfect role for me, because I’m very energetic and enthusiastic. I got to make a dance for the kids, teach it to them and perform it with them,” said Calore. “It was great day, and we did raise a lot of money, which was awesome.”

In another role, to help guide new nursing students, Calore served as a resident advisor for the nursing living-learning community during her junior and senior years.

“Last year was my first year. I was also starting nursing school at the time, but my boss was great in training me,” said Calore. “We take the freshmen to different events and visit organizations like Hartford HealthCare, and we’ll work with the dean and nursing faculty, just so the freshmen get their feet wet in the program. And it was nice to watch the freshmen grow. By the end of the year, they have friend groups, they’re involved, they have connections, and they’re doing well in school.”

Calore also hoped her busy schedule encouraged them to take risks and get involved; and by doing so, help to enhance not only their college experience, but the campus community.

“I feel I can show them nursing school is not just school, you can do so much more. You can make time for it and build your time management skills. Because I’m telling you, I was not this involved freshman year,” said Calore.

At her Commencement, Calore will sing the national anthem, drawing on vocal talent trained while studying opera at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music, Art and Performing Arts in Manhattan, New York.

“They say for vocal, opera is where you get all your basics. It’s kind of like in nursing, where Med-Surg is the fundamental thing where you get all your basics,” said Calore.

While she might have once considered furthering her singing ability in college, tragically, when Calore was a junior in high school, her mother passed away. The experience of watching a team of nurses competently and compassionately care for her mom put Calore on the path to study nursing.

“The nurses who were caring for her really inspired me,” said Calore. “I thought it might be a good field for me, because I want to make a difference in people’s lives, and impact them the way that these nurses helped my family.”

At the School of Nursing, Calore was inspired by the faculty and training opportunities which have made her well-prepared for a nursing career.

“I do feel very prepared. The program here is incredible. At first, they hold our hand, and then they really push us to go. I’m grateful to all my professors. I’ve gotten really close with all of the faculty. They’re like my mentors. I know I’m going to keep in touch with them after I graduate, and reach out for any help if I need it.”

An interest in psychology and mental health may lead Calore back to school for post-graduate studies to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Calore is also intending to take on travel nursing, which allows her to combine her BSN with her minor in Global Public Health.

“My minor allowed me to study abroad for four weeks in Argentina. I got to experience another way of life in a developing country, and it added to the need I feel to help people around the world,” said Calore.

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