Quinnipiac continues partnership with the University of Oxford on a clinical neurosciences exchange program

July 23, 2019

Medical students examine a simulated patient

Quinnipiac's Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine and Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital, a Trinity Health of New England provider, will continue their partnership with the University of Oxford on a clinical neurosciences exchange program.

Two Oxford medical students will spend three weeks beginning July 22 in a clinical rotation at the Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital in Hartford, the primary partner for Quinnipiac’s Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine. They also will spend time at the Netter School to study the U.S. comprehensive continuum of care model, which differs from the less integrated approach to neurology patients taken by U.K. hospitals.

Beginning Sept. 2, two medical students from the Netter School will participate in the six-week program, which comprises two weeks of intensive seminars at the University of Oxford and four weeks of clinical neurology at The John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, a large teaching hospital and leading center for medical research.

The four medical school participants, who were selected through a competitive application process, are Sam Baskaroun and Vidhi Rao from the Netter School and James Towner and Hibatullah Abuelgasim of Oxford.

The five-year medical student exchange program started last July with four students, said Dr. Robert Krug, the William and Barbara Weldon Chair and director of the Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine at the Netter School, is leading the exchange program at Quinnipiac.

“This the first phase of a partnership that we hope will result in a long-term sustainable relationship between Quinnipiac, Oxford and Mount Sinai,” added Krug, who also is president and executive medical director of Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital. “Not only is this an incredible opportunity for medical students at the Netter School and the University of Oxford, but we believe both institutions will benefit from the collaboration.”

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