Student capstone project wins Beverly Hills 23rd Film Festival Best Student Film Award

May 04, 2023

Alumni at the 23 Beverly Hills Film Festival Smiling

Ramiro Vargas ‘22 and his team took their film production to the next level by thinking outside the box with a relatable film about Alzheimer's.

The capstone project, "Papito," was selected for the 23rd Beverly Hills Film Festival under the student film category. The judges of this festival included Oscar nominated producers and directors. 

Papito was directed by Vargas ‘22, produced by Christine DiGioia ‘22, written by Kaitlyn Fisher ‘22, and Kanayo Umelo ‘22 directed photography. 

Vargas said his capstone project "Papito" tells the story of Danilo, a Puerto Rican man, who returns to his childhood home in pursuit of his mother’s memories that she is now forgetting, due to her struggle with Alzheimer’s. 

The inspiration for this film drew from personal experiences with familial illnesses and a personal desire to showcase diversity.

Vargas explains, “Both of these topics were important to us, that we always wanted to tell, and were finally given the opportunity with this beautiful script.”

“Quinnipiac gave us the outlet and opportunity to work together and create other projects. They provided us with opportunities to create films together like the 24 hour film challenge,” Vargas said.

Vargas encourages incoming students to always think outside the boundaries of a “school project” and to take risks. 

“We always were thinking of a way to tell all of our stories through a unique lens that has never been seen before, so never settle on your first thought and think outside the typical formula,” he adds. 

Check out the trailer for "Papito"

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