Annual Big Event day of service set for April 9

March 24, 2022

Three students wearing "Big Event" shirts move a pile of leaves at Edgerton Park.

The university is set to host the annual day of service, known as The Big Event, throughout Connecticut on April 9, where more than 1,600 students, faculty, staff and alumni give back to more than 100 non-profit organizations.

Students will dedicate their days on various hands-on projects designed to help the respective organizations and communities — through painting, gardening, creating craft bags and more.

“I hope people take away that one day of giving back can help someone out in tremendous ways,” said Co-Director of Big Event Rose Lawrence. “Our event is something these nonprofits talk about all year and are excited to host Quinnipiac annually. Although it may seem like just a few hours on a Saturday, it really has a lasting impact on the community.”

Students will be provided with bus transportation, if needed, to attend their off-campus sites and the tool pick-up drive through in North Lot, where teams sign in and are given the tools they will need to successfully complete their work.

Co-Director of Big Event Kristen Collins said she is grateful for the impact the Big Event is making on the Quinnipiac and local communities.

“The Big Event gives us the chance to show our appreciation and give back to the Hamden and Greater New Haven area,” said Collins. “It provides us with incredible opportunities to really make a difference in the lives of others and within our local community. I’m so glad that I discovered The Big Event my first year of college and for all the memories and friendships I have gained from this organization along the way!”

Collins said the Big Event allows her to pursue her passion in philanthropy and practicing community service.

“I was very involved with community service in high school as giving back has always held such a special place in my heart,” Collins said. “I’ve always had a passion for helping others and giving back. It is very rewarding to see the difference our one big day can make and give back to this area which has become our second home.”

Collins and Lawrence encourage students to take part in the Big Event because of its easy, accessible ways to give back.

“It makes everyone feel good,” they both agreed. “When our volunteers return and talk with us, they say how amazing they feel having spent a few hours helping out someone else. Our nonprofits connect us with some of the nicest people we know — and being able to give back makes everyone happy.”

Students, faculty and staff can register now

“Hamden and North Haven have become our home away from home,” said Lawrence. “I spend more time on campus and in Connecticut than I do at home and being able to show Connecticut the love my hometown sees is amazing. Watching and participating in this event for four years has only made the love and impact of giving back grow and we all feel really connected to Hamden and North Haven now more than ever.”

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