A new year, and even bigger Big Event

March 22, 2023

Students volunteering at the Big Event

Every year, Quinnipiac hosts one of the country’s largest, student-run days of service. This year the Big Event is set for April 15.

The student leaders in charge of Quinnipiac’s Big Event hope to recruit 1,000 volunteers and 100 community sites, a goal they have achieved many times in the past. Quinnipiac students, staff and alumni all come together to give back to the Hamden and North Haven communities — and beyond.

Co-Director of Big Event Rebecca Seganti '23, MBA ’24, said that she believes Quinnipiac students should use their time in college to give back to the greater good and help the community in which they live.

“A thousand small positive actions create momentum for the kind of change Big Event creates year after year," she said.

Seganti has also worked with local animal shelters, children’s hospitals and women’s shelters on a smaller scale. Seganti said she believes in making “day-to-day life a little easier” for those going through difficult times.

There are numerous opportunities for giving back to the community throughout Connecticut through the Big Event.

One of the community outreach co-chairs, Emmaleigh Halbert ’24, helps coordinate community efforts with the help of her committee by recruiting local nonprofits to participate in becoming a site for Big Event.

“We send hundreds and, sometimes, thousands of volunteers to numerous locations in the local community where they do fantastic service," said Halbert. "It’s amazing to be a part of it. Planning and seeing our hard work pay off is so rewarding, it’s why I participate.”

Halbert isn't the only one who finds fulfillment in giving back.

Co-Director Brian Ortiz ’23 said he believes the main reason people should participate in Big Event is the tangible final result, where people can look around and see the difference they’ve made and feel good about their contributions.

“I was blessed enough to go to college. I don’t take that for granted and I do my best to give people the same opportunities I was given and give back,” Ortiz explained. “I just want to do my best to help out the next person who wants to go to college or who's going through a rough time and needs help.”

Founded at Texas A&M University in 1982, the Big Event is a day around the country where over 130 universities give back to their local communities. Quinnipiac joined this nationwide effort to support local residents in 2010.

There are over a hundred sites planned for this year’s Big Event at Quinnipiac.

"At the end of it all, it only takes a small gesture to make someone’s day,” said Halbert.

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