Acrobatics & Tumbling’s No. 23 graduates in the Class of ’23

May 09, 2023

bri marks poses with one hand on her hip and one arm flexing in a closed fist. she has dark wavy hair

Briana “Bri” Marks ’23 MS ’24, first heard of Quinnipiac through a friend a year older — once she heard about her experience during her first year, Marks knew she wanted to have the same great environment.

From there, she became a base on the Acrobatics and Tumbling team. Marks, No. 23, led Quinnipiac to yet another trophy for her senior season, and she and three teammates won the individual national championship for quad tumbling. Their final score was a 9.075 out of 10, a close 0.25 ahead of Oregon University. 

“The moment that they announced the Quinnipiac Bobcats were the national champions for the quad, I was just so proud and elated,” Marks said. “I know how hard we’ve all worked and trained. It’s just an indescribable feeling; there's nothing like winning with your family.”

This family and these strong connections have made her glad she’s coming back for her master’s degree.

“Acro provided me with another family and forever lasting friendships who give me continuous love and support,” Marks shared. “Being a member of the acro team helped me develop important skills like discipline, time management, teamwork and leadership, which has been valuable both in and outside of the classroom.”

Quinnipiac gave Marks the opportunity to maintain a full-time athletic commitment and still be a full-time student, creating independence and discipline. Here she was enabled to gain the knowledge skills, and experiences that she needed to succeed.

According to Marks, Quinnipiac offered her new opportunities and gave her the opportunity to become more independent and better prepared for her future. She was able to explore new possibilities and interests and became a more well-rounded individual.

When asked about advice for incoming first year students, she heavily encouraged connecting with peers. College is full of events, clubs and organizations, and there are plenty of opportunities to explore any potential interests, whether in class or out.

Marks knows this better than anyone after finding her favorite place somewhere she didn’t think to look for one: the Arnold Bernhard Library, affectionately referred to as "Arnie," became the best place for her to get work done throughout her busy schedule. For four years, the library has served as a quiet corner on a busy campus for Marks and encouraged her to always get her work done.

“I knew this was the right place for me the moment I stepped foot on campus. It was just a feeling I had,” Marks explained.

And four years later, it still is.

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