Bobcat dominates the finance field

April 18, 2024

Jacob Nunez smiling in glasses and a suit

From attaining an impressive internship with JP Morgan to maintaining a position on e-board for GAME, Jacob Nuñez '24 has achieved incredible accomplishments during his time as a bobcat. 

Nuñez, a finance major, has always envisioned himself in business — and so it was a natural career path for him to pursue.

“I thought a degree in finance would be the perfect choice, as I thought the skill set that came with it would open up the most doors,” he said.

Given his career aspiration, it made perfect sense for Nuñez to contribute to the School of Business' Global Asset Management Education (GAME) Forum, the largest student-run financial conference in the world.

“I became competition chairman of GAME this year after being a co-chair last year,” said Nuñez. “My team and I were responsible for processing and ranking all the student-managed funds that were submitted. We awarded the top three winners of each category a trophy and cash prize. We also tried something new this year by holding a poster competition with the help of industry professionals who were Quinnipiac alumni.”

This year, Nuñez attended GAME Forum and described his experience as exhausting, but fun. 

“It was such a great opportunity to meet professionals in the industry and many like-minded individuals. I had an amazing experience and am excited to see where GAME goes in the future,” he said.

Looking to the future, Nuñez is prepared to intern at JP Morgan this summer, where he will be joining the firm’s investment banking division, specifically in the technology coverage group.

“The technology group works with companies in the technology sector and helps provide strategic advisory on numerous types of transactions," he said. "Whether it's mergers and acquisitions, debt-capital raising, or initial public offerings, coverage groups advise on them all."

His internship entails assisting in building important presentations, financial modeling and attending client meetings.

Nuñez credits his courses for helping prepare him for this role.

“The classes that helped me the most were financial modeling, intermediate corporate finance, and portfolio management," he said. "That being said, almost every professor I had gave some sort of unique insight that made me learn more about business and myself.”

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