MBA graduate embraces the future with his business

May 04, 2024

Kelly Joseph smiling against a grey background

Kelly Joseph '23, MBA '24, took his knowledge from business courses to pioneer a cutting-edge and innovative business, helping other businesses succeed in today’s difficult to navigate market.

Scaled AI, Joseph’s company, is centered around artificial intelligence, aiming to help small businesses reach new markets and stand out among the competition through specialty AI software solutions.

“We aim to help these small businesses grow their online presence, curate more organic leads, and then turn those leads into paying customers,” said Joseph. "We've essentially created an organic funnel for these businesses to use to take advantage of the web traffic that would otherwise be going to larger businesses.”

“We hope to not only educate these businesses but uplift them so they are empowered to focus on the core of what they set out to do,” Joseph added.

Joseph’s journey delving into AI started in his computer information systems class with Professor Rachida Parks where he learned more about AI and the use cases around it. 

“We learned just how pertinent it will be to all of our careers in the coming years,” said Joseph.

Joseph learned about the massive impact large corporations have over small businesses, which sparked his ambition to create his business.

Joseph sheds light on the importance and need for small businesses in society.

“While everyone is focusing on creating software and selling it for large sums to corporate giants, the real backbone of society —small businesses — are completely untouched and willing to spend money, at the right price," he said.

Throughout his journey at Quinnipiac, Joseph collaborated with many professors who aided in his success, and greatly influenced his path to starting a business.

“I've had a lot of really great influences over the past few years. Both people and moments in my life. Quite frankly, most of them came from Quinnipiac," said Joseph. "Professors Patricia Kelly, James Timmons, Amy Paros and Marget Goralski have all really encouraged me to speak my mind, learn and especially to be passionate about the journey. I've learned a great deal about life and business from all of them,” he added.

Successfully balancing a packed academic schedule and running a business has been attributed to Joseph’s approach to managing challenges. Rather than setting too distant of goals, Joseph and his team navigate obstacles by implementing daily strategic routines.

Quinnipiac has taught Joseph the foundations needed to start a business and become a successful entrepreneur, he said.

“Quinnipiac has taught me how to be resilient in this process of starting and running a business,” said Joseph. “The strategy, the vision, the technical knowledge. Not only that but the environment here has allowed me to develop the skills actually necessary to run a successful business.”

Encouraging students, Joseph advises students to surround themselves with like-minded individuals and to develop social adaptation and articulation abilities. He also urges individuals seeking to start a business to embrace the risks and challenges of starting one.

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