Bobcats of all generations enjoy a great weekend

Bobcats from a variety of dens came together this past weekend to celebrate all that Quinnipiac means to them. Students, alumni and families played games, socialized, made s'mores and much more during a fun-filled weekend.

Boomer’s Picnic

A girl tosses bean bag at Bobcat Weekend.

A girl and her family play connect 4 at Bobcat Weekend.

Tom Ellett gets slimed at Bobcat Weekend

A man throws a beanbag at Bobcat Weekend.

Tom Ellett gives hug after getting slimed at Bobcat Weekend

A little boy playing in the bouncy house at Bobcat Weekend.

A boy plays in a bouncy house during Bobcat Weekend.

A mother and daughter smiling together and pose for picture at bobcat weekend

A family group photo with Boomer.

Tom Ellet takes a picture with Boomer.

A group of little kids play Jenga at Bobcat Weekend.


State of the University

President Olian gives the State of the University address during Bobcat Weekend

Students listen as President Olian gives the State of the University address during Bobcat Weekend


Multicultural Reception - On the Rocks

A band plays at On the Rocks during Bobcat Weekend

Students and family talk to Don Sawyer at On the Rocks

A student and her father play games at On the Rocks


S’more Fun

Friends toast marshmallows on the Quad

A mother and child toast marshmallows in front of an outdoor fire pit

A mother and daughter make s'mores on the Quad's outdoor fire pits

A mother and daughter spend quality time together making marshmallows the Quad


Alumni Social

Alumni celebrate at a social during Bobcat Weekend

Two alumni smile for a photo during Bobcat Weekend festivities

Alumnae smile for a group photo

The Icecats perform at an alumni social during Bobcat weekend


Alumni take a group photo during the Alumni Social event

Alumni smile at the photo booth at a social event

Alumnae take a selfie at Bobcat Weekend


Golden Bobcats

Two women from the Class of 1972 clap during the Golden Bobcat Luncheon

The Class of 1972 converse during the Golden Bobcats Luncheon

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