Director of fitness and well being offers meditative hikes to yoga

In need of some time outdoors and want to calm your mind? Tami Reilly, the director of fitness and well being at Quinnipiac, and Vincent Contrucci, the director of community engagement, have created just the experience for you.

For more than a decade, Reilly and Contrucci have collaborated on a series called the Reflective Hike to Yoga to enhance the Quinnipiac student experience.

The Reflective Hike to Yoga program is an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to spend time exploring the Sleeping Giant State Park, practice yoga stretches and connect with others who attend.

This fall, students can sign up for the following dates on the Recreation and Wellness Center website:

  • October 9: 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

  • October 23: 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

“We will typically ask some reflective questions to get everyone to spend some time checking in with themselves and we do have conversations all along the way,” said Reilly “Along the route, we stop and do some stretches with a yoga mindset of breath, intention and awareness which lasts about 15 to 20 minutes and then we head back. We have brought guest speakers along in the past to really steer the conversation to a specific topic which is also fun.”

Contrucci creates the annual hiking route, while Reilly guides the participants during the experience.

Reilly was inspired by a Quinnipiac counselor who would bring students to the state park for hiking and yoga many years ago, she said, sparking the idea and the creation of the events.

“We love that students, faculty and staff end up together which is a very enriching experience,” said Reilly. “Walking, reflecting, connecting and sharing space are great ways to feel good and integrate some wellness into your life.”

Haley Wynne ’25, a student who regularly attends the events, shared her appreciation for the course.

“We are so lucky to have a beautiful place to hike right across the road and an amazing team of individuals who plan recreational events that are impactful,” said Wynne. “Students should take advantage of these classes as you can meet people from all grades, majors and backgrounds. The hike is always a casual, fun, refreshing and peaceful experience.”

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