Federal work study opportunities for students looking for financial relief

July 17, 2023

Student worker handing pamphlet to another student

Quinnipiac focuses on providing students with new learning opportunities and preparing them for the workforce. With this, there are many jobs on campus for students who are looking for a flexible schedule and a head start to their career.

It is important to recognize whether you are looking for a Federal Work Study (FWS) position or are seeking a job that is a non-federal work study. Angeline Henriquez, a student employment and HRIS data assistant, describes the difference.

“Federal Work Study (FWS) is a type of financial aid allotted to students by FAFSA as part of their financial aid package,” said Henriquez. “They are eligible based on need. They then earn that allotment through a job on campus. For those students who did not receive FWS from FAFSA, we have Non-Federal Work Study jobs. If unsure of their eligibility or FWS status, students can verify this information with the Office of Financial Aid.”

Students can apply to almost every department at Quinnipiac as most hire student employees. Also, there are a variety of positions available no matter your major, level of experience or skill set. There is something for everyone, said Henriquez.

“Students can work as fitness instructors, technology support assistant, admissions ambassadors, Quinnipiac dining menu makers, mail services, among many other roles,” she said. “We also have community partnership opportunities to help local non-profits and schools, as well research assistantship opportunities at the graduate level.”

One of the unique qualities of Quinnipiac is how the student employment opportunities complement the needs and passions of the study body as a whole, she said.

“These opportunities allow us as the employer to work with our students’ talents, insights and enthusiasm,” said Henriquez. “We work with students to identify jobs and other opportunities that will enhance their skills and contribute to their education.”

After applying for a job, students will go through the hiring process.

Henriquez listed some questions hiring managers may ask, such as:

  • “What interested you about this role?”
  • “What qualifies you for this job?”
  • “What relevant work experience do you have?”
  • “What are your strengths? Your weaknesses?”
  • “What is your availability this semester?”

There are many additional benefits of having an on-campus job beside receiving a paycheck. Students who don’t have a car on campus or don't want to commute to work off-campus can utilize the shuttle system.

Also, Quinnipiac partners with the Northeast Student Employment Association. Every year, a student employee is recognized for their exemplary work ethic and impact on the Quinnipiac community.

“The key benefit of working on campus is the opportunity to be mentored by our experienced hiring managers, make connections and build relationships with faculty, staff and other Quinnipiac students who they may not have met otherwise,” said Henriquez. “Not only does it expand their professional and leadership skills, but it also provides many opportunities for community building and networking as well.”

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