Four years at Quinnipiac and not a moment that he wouldn’t repeat

April 28, 2023

jack gannon, with light brown hair and a pep band yellow and blue striped rugby in front of a hockey arena

Jack Gannon ’22, MA ’23, first noticed Quinnipiac when someone was wearing a sweatshirt at his high school in New Jersey.

From there, when he looked around for schools that could support his dream to work in a creative field, Quinnipiac offered the courses he was looking for and a competitive 3+1 master’s program to sweeten the deal. He wasn’t sure exactly how yet, but he knew that he wanted to work in game design or film. Quinnipiac gave him the opportunity to major in one and minor in the other.

When he came to visit, Gannon fell in love with the campus. Beautiful brick buildings, a state park located just across Mount Carmel Avenue, and that perfect college atmosphere that he was more used to seeing on the big screen than in real life. During that visit, he knew Quinnipiac had to be the place for him.

And it was.

He met some of his best friends in the Communications 3+1 LLC in the Ledges residence hall. Choosing to be in specialized Living Learning Communities and joining clubs that sound interesting can be a great way to meet people at a university of nearly 10,000 students — so that’s exactly what Gannon did.

As a film major, his senior capstone course required him to produce a short production. A group of friends all put their creative minds together and created “Waiting for Beckett.” What had started out as a course requirement has become something so much more.

“It was really a labor of love and we all had so much fun making the film. Right now we’re in the process of getting it into festivals to share our work with the world,” Gannon explained.

His pride in the work is evident, and he has reason to be.

He was the production designer, meaning that props and wardrobe were his creations, and they came to life in order to enable the film to look the way they wanted it. Without Gannon, the entire tone of the film could’ve shifted in the opposite direction.

But Gannon doesn’t just set the tone on films. He joined the pep band as a tuba player his first year at Quinnipiac. An instrument known for having good basslines and especially for the iconic "Walking on Sunshine" melody, the tuba music sets the entire band up for success.

Having been playing music for years, he wasn’t prepared to give it up in college, but he wanted an organization that wouldn’t interfere with his busy schedule. Pep band fit, and he was able to travel to places like Lake Placid, New York and Tampa Bay, Florida with the men’s ice hockey team. These trips are what Gannon says he’ll remember most.

“When the men’s ice hockey team scored that final goal in the Frozen Four, the energy of winning something that big was unreal, and I’ll never forget it," he said.

When asked what advice he’d give incoming students Gannon said, “I’d tell freshmen to just be themselves and meet new people. You’ll find who you belong with that way. I met my best friends through classes, organizations, and my LLC, and I don’t regret one second of it.”

Gannon admits that leaving is bittersweet, but he knows he’s ready to move into the workforce with two degrees, practical experience and some of the closest friends he’s ever had.

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