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Three students, Kailee Heffler, and Anna Buonomo '20 '21 (3+1) School of Comm, and Diana LaRock '21 Nursing, smiling in their Westview Residence Hall room

Residential Life

Living and Learning Experiences

Ignite your passions through living and learning experiences at Quinnipiac. We offer opportunities for students to connect with their peers, and enhance their residential experience. Our Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) have been created to bring students with shared interests, passions or academic pursuits together in a shared residential environment. The Grove, our brand-new residence hall, will bring first-year students together with undergraduate mentors with an emphasis on civic engagement. Learn more about these opportunities below.

The Grove

Rendering of the The Grove residence hall, opening Fall 2024.

The Grove offers an extraordinary living space crafted to encourage strong student community connections

The Grove, a 417-bed residence hall on the Mount Carmel Campus' South Quad opening Fall 2024, is a new residence hall for first year students and undergraduate mentors. It is designed to offer an enriching community experience for those who want to be surrounded by an inspiring environment ripe for self-discovery, exploration and growth focusing on personal, interpersonal and civic engagement skills.

Students will embark on a year-long project working with faculty and student mentors to develop a "big idea." As a group of students, they will make real-world connections to the community to advance their understanding and their thinking about their idea of interest. Residents will explore their big idea and participate in designing further discussions with their sophomore, junior and senior mentors and members of the Quinnipiac community. Residents will also participate in a first-year seminar course to tie their big idea learning with their academic journey.

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Living-Learning Communities

Our Living-Learning Communities bring students with similar interests, passions and academic pursuits together in a shared residential environment. When you join one of these communities, you are afforded all the benefits of on-campus living along with additional advantages that help you to more deeply engage with each group’s defined purpose. 

Learn more about each Living-Learning Community below and determine the best fit to enhance your experience here on campus.

Arts and Music

This community is designed for students interested in music and the arts. Members will have the opportunity to focus on a range of creative outlets including creative writing, studio art, music, theater, poetry, photography, film, design, digital media and other creative possibilities. Activities will build students’ ability to advocate for creativity as a way of life and for its integration into school, work and play.

This LLC is open to all first-year students and may be of special interest to students interested in theater and fine arts.

Business 3+1

This community strengthens relationships among peers in our accelerated business 3+1 programs. Residents cultivate a strong connection by focusing on team building, academic success and leadership development as they become better students and business professionals.

This LLC is open to students in the accelerated 3+1 programs within the School of Business.

Business and Entrepreneurship

This community strengthens relationships with peers in any of the business or entrepreneurship programs. The community builds a strong connection by focusing on teamwork, academic success, leadership and a creative entrepreneurial spirit. Members of this community are dedicated to becoming better students, entrepreneurs and business professionals.

This community is open to first-year students with a declared major within the School of Business.

Communications 3+1

This community welcomes students enrolled in an accelerated 3+1 program in the School of Communications, supports them in their transition to college life, and establishes relationships that will help them realize success in their academic and personal pursuits.

The LLC is open to students in the accelerated 3+1 program within the School of Communications.

Computing and Engineering

This community welcomes new students interested in building academic skills, and connections and friendship within computing and technology programs. Residents will participate in hands-on activities and learn how to make a positive difference at Quinnipiac and in the world.

This LLC is open to all first-year students in the School of Computing and Engineering as well as students in any other computing majors.

Exploring Health Sciences

The Exploring Health Sciences Living-Learning Community (LLC) brings together students who are interested in a variety of health sciences. The LLC enables you to live, study, and socialize with students in health-related fields offered in the School of Health Sciences. In addition to forming close bonds with other health sciences students on your floor, you’ll also have the opportunity to build relationships with your faculty affiliate and others from the School of Health Sciences.

This LLC is open to any first-year student with a major in the School of Health Sciences.

Honors Program

The First-Year Honors community supports new students in the university Honors program. This community helps students develop relationships and skills outside the classroom and sponsors activities that promote curiosity and innovative thinking.

This LLC is open to first-year students enrolled in the Honors Program.

Interprofessional Healthcare

The Interprofessional Healthcare (IPH) LLC welcomes students who share a strong interest in healthcare, and want to be part of a community that represents and values various healthcare professions. This community prepares students to become thoughtful healthcare professionals who will provide safe and effective care during their careers.

This LLC is open to any first-year student interested in a career in healthcare.

Live Well

This community emphasizes the eight dimensions of wellness: spiritual, environmental, social, financial, physical, occupational, intellectual and emotional. Members of this community live with like-minded peers who agree to refrain from using alcohol and drugs.

This community is open to all first and second-year students.


This community fosters an inclusive, diverse and vibrant group of students from a wide range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This LLC is committed to principles of inclusion and equity and helps students become change agents on campus and beyond. Students will explore identity, intersectionality, allyship, advocacy, and intercultural and social justice.

This community is open to all first and second-year students.


This community is home for nursing students who want to develop personal and professional skills that allow them to flourish at Quinnipiac and beyond. This community promotes lasting relationships between its members, faculty and staff by hosting engaging programs and events.

This community is open to first-year School of Nursing majors.


This community promotes academic and social growth by working with the Department of Psychology and others on campus on curricular and co-curricular events and programs. Members form strong academic and personal bonds based on shared aspirations.

This community is open to all first-year students with an interest in psychology and may be of special interest to students majoring in psychology or behavioral neuroscience.


This community brings together students across multiple disciplines united by their passion for sports, competitiveness and Bobcat spirit. Students will come away with a holistic view of the sports industry, diver deeper into the role that athletes, athletics and sports play in society and partake in athletics at the intramural, club or varsity level.

This LLC is open to all first-year students and dedicated sports fans.

Transfer Students

The Transfer Students LLC is a dynamic and inclusive Living-Learning Community tailored specifically for transfer students, aimed at fostering a seamless transition, academic success and holistic growth. The LLC serves as a supportive hub where transfer students can connect, collaborate and thrive together in their academic and social pursuits. This Transfer Students LLC provides a nurturing environment that address the unique needs and challenges of students new to Quinnipiac.

This LLC is open to any student who transferred to Quinnipiac from another institution.


This community welcomes members and allies of the diverse LGBTQ+ community. Welcoming all, this community strives to help students who identify as members of the community feel comfortable in any setting and seeks to raise awareness of and combat injustice on campus and in our greater communities. People in this community want to facilitate acceptance of LGBTQ+ individuals, whether on a small or large scale, and recognize that all impacts are important in supporting one another through struggles and triumphs alike.

This community is open to all first and second-year students.

In Their Words

Jake Iby

Jake Iby ’24, MS ’25

Resident - 3+1 Business LLC

"Living in an LLC here at Quinnipiac gives students the unique opportunity to learn and grow with a built-in family. Students living in an LLC have an automatic support system of peers who are in a corresponding stage of their lives. This helps to develop a sense of unity and solidarity that leads to exponential prosperity in and outside of the classroom. Being in an LLC was a preeminent choice and to this day I am beyond grateful for the time I spent in what grew to be a second home."

Claude Mayo

Claude Mayo

Faculty Affiliate - Multicultural

“Living-Learning Communities are the most dynamic spaces on a college campus, as they intentionally integrate academics, interests and maturation on the way to fostering student engagement and belonging. I truly believe in the value of the campus engagement and residential aspects of the collegiate experience; just as students accumulate far more hours here than in the classroom, these aspects return greater lifelong dividends for the students.”

Double Cut Q Logo

Sophia Ferrara ’25

Resident - Sophomore Honors

“Living in an LLC means living with a group of people that are all a part of the same group I am. We have that sense of community when we are in our rooms or when we are out at campus events. It can be a really nice way to meet a bunch of people right away that have at least one thing in common with you but are still different so you can learn from them.”

Roland Galvez

Roland Galvez

Residence Hall Director

“Being a residence hall director for an LLC is great because I get to see my resident assistants become passionate about being a mentor and help them guide their residents to success. If you join an LLC, take every moment to network with faculty and staff but also build relationships with others who have the same interest.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to live in a supportive community with others who share your interests and passions? Do you want to have access to faculty and staff mentors? Do you want to live in some of the best residence halls on campus and have the added perk of early move-in? Are you committed to living, learning and thriving in an environment that is specifically designed to help you transition to college, excel academically and find your fit socially?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then our Living-Learning Communities may be a great fit for you. We've collected some of the questions we receive most frequently from prospective students and provided answers below. If you can't find what you are looking for, please connect with an admissions representative to request more information. 

To apply to be a part of The Grove or a Living-Learning Community, all you need to do is complete your housing contract. During that process, you will indicate your interest in The Grove and/or the Living-Learning Community program(s) you interested to join.

Housing in these communities is limited. Students are encouraged to select up to three communities that they would like to join to increase the likelihood that they are placed in one of these communities. 

Students who choose to live in our Living-Learning communities report significant benefits that boost their academic, personal and professional growth. When surveyed, 95% of students that have lived in an LLC state that they would recommend the experience to incoming students. These current and former residents emphasize the improved sense of belonging on campus and the stronger relationships that form between students and professors. 

Residents in our LLCs unlock access to specialized programming, social events and networking opportunities. Under the mentorship of our dedicated faculty and staff, these students enjoy an easier transition to college and have a leg up when applying for competitive internships and job opportunities. 

The Living-Learning Communities are spread out among three of our most desirable residence halls and living spaces. We spend a considerable amount of time selecting the best possible housing assignment for each specific LLC based on a number of factors.

If you are selected to live in The Grove, then you will reside in our new residence located in the South Quad.

All incoming first-year students in our LLCs will be paired with other first-year students as roommates. Some Living-Learning Communities like the Live Well, Multicultural and Unity LLCs are also home to second-year students who provide support and mentorship to incoming first-year residents, though those students will not be paired with first-year roommates.

In addition to fellow students, our residence halls are home to resident assistants, residence hall directors and faculty affiliates.

If you are selected to live in The Grove you will paired with other first-year students as roommates, and there will be sophomore, junior and senior student mentors living in the building as well. Additionally, our Faculty Fellow in Residence will call The Grove their home as well. They help our with all aspects of residential life including enhancing social belong, academic mentorship and building community from a faculty perspective.

Resident assistants are student leaders charged with developing a sense of community among residents and assisting students with their personal, interpersonal and academic development.

Residence hall directors are full-time, live-in professionals who supervise the community, train resident assistants, coordinate programming and respond to the needs of the student population through crisis management and as student conduct officers.

Faculty affiliates provide academic mentorship to the Living Learning Community and enhance the theme of the LLC. Faculty affiliates are trained to facilitate learning in the residential space in conjunction with residential life staff.

There is no additional cost to reside in an LLC; students pay the same housing costs as other students but with the added benefit of sharing a space with peers that share their same academic goals, career aspirations or recreational interests.

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