Get connected! Five tips on how to help your student find involvement opportunities

October 13, 2022

Aerial view of the Mount Carmel Campus quad and library

Some families and parents may be hearing from their students that there’s “nothing to do” on campus, and we want to remind you all of a few opportunities shared during Orientation this year to connect your bobcat to everything offered here within Campus Life!

1. Do You QU and the Quinnipiac Events Calendar: These are our comprehensive involvement platforms with every student organization and student event on campus! Be sure to have your bobcat check this for upcoming meetings, programs and groups to check out during the semester.

2. Athletic Events: Our Quinnipiac Bobcat athletic teams compete against other schools each week and provide an excellent way to show your spirit and meet new people! Check out the upcoming schedule here.

3. Intramural & Club Sports: Quinnipiac has a vibrant co-curricular athletic program for students looking to stay active and healthy along with some friendly competition. Signups are open on IMLeagues now!

4. Community & Civic Engagement: Our Office of Community Engagement offers a wide variety of service opportunities, on-campus jobs, and civic engagement events (voter registration, etc.). Get connected with the team here!

5. Still can’t find something? Have your student email us at or call our team at 203-582-8673; we can set up a one-on-one meeting with your Bobcat to chart a course for involvement or to start a new club!

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