Library staff work to bring current events to life through book displays

July 06, 2023

arnold bernhard library is lit up with golden light from a sunset with a rainbow behind it

Through recent initiatives, the Arnold Bernhard Library has worked to educate the Quinnipiac community and keep students, faculty and staff aware of current events with their regular, new book displays.

Many students find themselves walking into the library for numerous reasons. Whether it be to borrow a book, find a quiet space to study or to book a room to work on a group project, the library has so much to offer.

To provide the best environment for every student on campus, library staff members pay close attention to current events and non-academic topics that the university community may find interesting. They then use this knowledge to discuss and plan library displays that can be found on the first floor.

“We create displays that recognize or celebrate history or heritage, like the ones we created for Women’s History Month and Black History Month," explained Robert Joven, director of the Arnold Bernhard Library. "Then there are the displays for holidays and events that have had a significant impact, such as Juneteenth and September 11. We also feature collections we think students wil find useful, such as career guidance books or books about wellness."

Arnold Bernhard librarians, especially Joven, enjoy creating these displays to educate and intrigue students.

“We aim to showcase different authors and perspectives," he said. "We’ll even order books if we see that we are missing important ones on the given topic."

With such dedication to the university community, it’s no surprise that the community gives back. Student organizations such as the Black Student Union, the Indigenous Student Union and the Gender and Sexuality Alliance have worked with library staff to create educational displays.

Faculty, staff and students are welcome to suggest ideas, whether in tandem with course projects or student activities.

Joven hopes to encourage everyone to take advantage of the resources offered by the library and its collection with his displays.

“We hope that the Quinnipiac community will gain some insight into topics or issues that they aren’t very familiar with and for those who are familiar, we hope they discover something new and expand their current knowledge,” he said.

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