Many helping hands welcome the Class of 2027

August 24, 2023

Current students help new students move into their dorms

A group of 814 student volunteers filled Bobcat Way with helping hands and words of welcome as family vehicles brought first-year members of the Class of 2027 to their new homes on the Mount Carmel campus.

In the Quinnipiac tradition of students helping students, teams of move-in crews swarmed sidewalks outside residence halls, unloading cars curbside to cart and carry belongings to each new student’s room.

Chief Experience Officer Tom Ellet said student members of the university’s sorority and fraternity community and other campus organizations not only help to power move-in day, but often provide the first exchange in which new students may recognize their futures as active members of the Bobcat community.

“For the students moving in, to see that their peers are welcoming them to the campus and giving back is a real testament to the kind of culture we’re creating here, of students co-creating the experience for their peers,” said Ellet.

Student volunteers Lauren Richards ’26, and Caleigh Anson, ’26, both nursing majors and Gamma Phi Beta members, recalled what it was like to be greeted by students in move-in crews when they arrived on campus as first-year students last year.

“It made the process ten times easier," said Richards. "I had a bunch of people helping me all at once, so it was really fast. And this year was even better because I was able to give back and help out as part of the move-in crew.”

Anson said part of the job is to help the first-year students feel welcome as soon as they arrive.

“They all seem really excited,” said Anson.

New roommates Kate Carlino ’27, an occupational therapy major, and Samantha Rooks, ’27, who is majoring in diagnostic medical stenography, connected online this summer. On move-in day, they met in person for the first time. Carlino is from New Hampshire and Rooks is from Virginia. Both said they were looking forward to exploring the campus together once they settled in.

“It was a little nerve-wracking, at first,” said Carlino of the transition. “Now, I’m just excited to be here.”

Carlino’s parents, David and April Carlino, said Quinnipiac’s student volunteers were a huge help on move-in day.

“It was really smooth,” said David Carlino. “Everything was well-organized.”

Maria Neri and her son, Jason Neri, 27, a business major, arrived at the Mount Carmel Campus from their home in New Jersey. Now that he’s settled in his new room, Neri said he wants to find out more about different student organizations and groups that may be a good fit for him.

“It’s great to see these students, who come in a little nervous and a little scared, become self-assured as time goes on,” said Ellet. “And then they are giving back, connecting with others and making a difference on the campus. That whole cycle of change and development for our students is really what it’s all about.”

Assistant Director of Residential Life Michael Guthrie said move-in day is always a day filled with a special energy, and this year was no exception. Overall, approximately 1,400 of the 1,800 first-year members of the Class of 2027 were scheduled to move in on August 23 and August 24.

“It’s so exciting to see the first-year students move in and to have 814 super-excited student volunteers donate their time and provide this amazing experience,” said Guthrie.

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