Men’s Club Baseball team celebrates undefeated season

October 21, 2022

A club baseball player gets ready to pitch

Quinnipiac University’s Men’s Club Baseball team had an undefeated 2022 season of play.

Led by club president William Rotko and Vice President Nicholas Zito, the team hopes this accomplishment will result in a championship as well as bringing recognition, funding and new players to the program.

“Having this undefeated regular season will open the eyes of our higher-ups and make them realize that club baseball is an excellent opportunity for young men,” said Rotko.

With no head coach, Rotko along with the help of Zito were tasked with keeping the team motivated both on and off the field.

“It does become difficult at times to stay on the guys and make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing,” said Rotko. “But we have a great group of guys that get along really well together and when we go out on game day there is a sense of brotherhood.”

Rotko went on to praise Zito and his tremendous help with the team despite having an ongoing setback.

“I have the best vice president who has been injured the majority of the year and really took over the role of ‘coach,’” he said. “The two of us keep the team motivated by always reminding them of our end goal of winning a championship.”

“Being the president of an undefeated team, I could not be prouder of my teammates, all the hard work they have done and all of the obstacles we were able to overcome to get to where we are today,” shared Rotko.

For more information on the club baseball team as well as all the club sports Athletic and Recreation has to offer, visit the club sports webpage.

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