Political science student embraces her global perspective

June 08, 2023

Photo of Francessca Kama overlooking the ocean

For Francesca Kama '24, embracing her worldwide view as an international student from France has helped her advance her overall knowledge and education.

Fascinated with how the world works and passionate about finding solutions for underserved people, Kama sought out studying political science while also dabbling in the fields of history and gender studies.

“The interdisciplinary nature of political science and its emphasis on different perspectives and points of view aligns with my need to have a sense of global comprehension of the world," said Kama. "There's no correct answer nor solution, as it continuously evolves and reaches all subjects. It all depends on your perspective, which was really attractive to me as I value the importance of intersectionality.”

Being from France, Kama has a viewpoint many people don’t possess. She uses this to her advantage throughout her studies by comparing and contrasting knowledge she holds from France and applying it to her studies at Quinnipiac.

“I feel that being an international student was a huge advantage in my education because I had a global perspective on various issues that we would discuss in class," said Kama. "I wouldn't necessarily say that I have a Western view on issues compared to the majority of my classmates. I have studied the geography, history, politics and economics of the majority of countries in the world, enabling me to understand specific challenges better."

While pursuing her studies, Kama has delved deeper into diversity, equity and inclusion and had the opportunity to receive her IDEAL certification, a program designed to teach students about underprivileged and marginalized individuals in history based on structures of power. She has also taken courses relevant to diversity, equity and inclusion to expand on her knowledge.

By becoming a member of the Global Partners Mentorship Program which assists other international students with their adjustment, Kama has further immersed herself into the Quinnipiac community.

According to Kama, she is glad to have moved to the States and to have followed in her parent's footsteps of studying at a college in the U.S.

“I decided to study at Quinnipiac because I enjoyed the idea of being at a smaller school with smaller class sizes where all students have close access to their professors," she said. "I love talking to professors at the end of class and creating relationships so they can help me improve in their classes. I highly value their guidance and the education I have received has greatly contributed to my personal growth and impacted my academic interests."

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