Professor presents artificial intelligence research in Saudi Arabia

December 06, 2022

Professor Tamilla Triantoro

Tamilla Triantoro, associate professor of business analytics and information systems, recently traveled to Saudi Arabia to present at the MENA Computer Information Systems conference.

“The Middle East is a region of immense opportunities for technology and business sector. Attending a technology conference in Saudi Arabia was a great way to gain insight into this vibrant and diverse region.” Triantoro said.

Triantoro presented her research on the collaboration of humans and artificial intelligence In collaboration with Aleksandra Przegalinska and Kozminski University.

The research focuses on the use of GPT-3, which is a generative artificial intelligence that formulates human text from analyzing words.

“Generative AI is trained to generate entirely new content, thus tapping into creative fields. Examples of this automation are developing chatbots interacting with customers, generating new computing code, writing essays, creating marketing content, generating jokes, quizzes, and interview questions, and even creating new music, paintings, and other works of art,” Triantoro said.

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