Quinnipiac hosts CIAC eSports competition

Quinnipiac hosted the Connecticut High School eSports Championships last week as teams from throughout the state competed for the title.

“We were so excited to host this competition because we were able to showcase the newest eSports space at any CT Higher Ed Institution,” said Director of Recreation Mike Medina, MBA ‘10.

“The investment that was made last year to create this space has benefited our five eSports titles and now has hosted the CIAC eSports Championships,” he said.

For the high school teams, this was an opportunity to compete in a state-of-the-art facility.

“Both the CIAC and the high school teachers and students loved the event and the ability to play in a high-level facility,” Medina added.

With this partnership, Quinnipiac students also had the opportunity to get involved in the action.

“Our students were able to be a part of the behind-the-scenes of an in-person eSports championship, most notably our students and alums were part of the live-stream broadcast for all three titles,” Medina said.

Earning championships is something Quinnipiac’s eSports team knows well, as they were crowned MAAC Champions earlier this year.

“Their expertise as players helped make this a smooth event,” Medina said.

Congratulations to the winners:

  • Rocket League: Putnam Science Academy

  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Conard High School

  • League of Legends: University High School of Science & Engineering

Two students in the background cheer on an eSports athlete competing in the foreground.eSports Athletes stand in a group, smiling, watching their teammates.A fan stands in Rocky Top Student Center, cheering while watching results on a screen.An eSports athlete uses a computer in Quinnipiac's eSports lab.A student sits at a gaming computer wearing headphones.Two eSports athletes sitting at computers intensely participating.eSports athletes shake hands and congratulate one another with smiles on their faces.An eSports ahtlete wearing a shirt that says A group of four eSports athletes stands and smiles for a photo wearing shirts that read 2022 eSports Champions stand in a huddle excitedly in front of a camera.CIAC eSports League of Legends champions stand together posed for a photo.7 eSports athletes pose as 2022 Champions

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