University celebrates more than 20 years of hosting the Connecticut Science and Engineering Fair

April 25, 2023

Arnold Bernhard Library during sunset

Quinnipiac has hosted the Connecticut Science and Engineering Fair annually for more than 20 years, creating one of the longest and most valued university partnerships.

More than 600 middle and high school students participate each year in the event, which the university has hosted continuously since 1998 — and several years between 1985 and 1992.

“This partnership was forged by Facilities back in the day, but has grown with inclusiveness of our academic community and supported with scholarships,” said Keith Woodward, associate vice president for facilities operations. “Having the Connecticut Science and Engineering Fair on campus displays the campus and our community in a positive light giving back to the science and engineering community and give students an opportunity to be on a college campus.”

The university hosted this year’s science fair last month, during Spring Break.

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