University hosts largest student-run financial conference in the world

March 23, 2018

Kell gestures on stage.

Many of the most renowned finance experts came together in midtown Manhattan this week for the world’s premiere student-oriented investment conference, Quinnipiac’s Global Asset Management Education (G.A.M.E.) VIII Forum.

"It’s the leading forum and showcase for investment management education in the world,” said Matthew O’Connor, dean of the School of Business.

G.A.M.E. VIII Forum offers participants the opportunity to discuss and debate financial best practices with industry leaders and other students, who come from all 50 states through the United States and nations around the world each year.

“We are excited to host this unique education initiative in New York City that will bring an international group of students and their faculty mentors together in an interactive learning environment to engage with more than 140 keynote speakers, panelists and workshop leaders,” said David Sauer, professor of finance at Quinnipiac and executive director and program chair of G.A.M.E. VIII.

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"These are the future leaders of Wall Street, the financial services industry and the accounting field — and they’re building their network at GAME,” O’Connor said.

This year’s forum included 1,500 students and faculty participants from 157 colleges and universities.

The forum included a variety of breakout discussion panels, workshops and keynote perspectives that explored topics including portfolio management, equity analysis, asset allocation, risk and ethical decision making. The forum concluded with a focus on careers and academic program development.

Quinnipiac students — who are the backbone of event operations — had a unique perk at the annual event.

"One of the opportunities is our invitation to close the bell for NASDAQ,” O’Connor said. "For the students — particularly involved with finance or investments — being able to be there when the closing bell is rung is such a great experience. It’s one of those experiences that every student involved in finance or investment would want to have."

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